Clinical Services

Help you in clinical issues


Any Psychological Test

Psychology Roots provide complete help in interpretation of Psychological Test. Psychological test include: Projective Test, Non-Projective Test, Personality Test and All Psychological Tests.

Clinical Report Writing

Help you in all type of cases and formate

Psychology Roots provide complete help in report writing. We help in all type of clinical cases and writing formats. Our team specialized in APA format. Key feature of our service are creative and unique writing with 3 time review facility.


Help you in capacity building

Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5

Complete training module on DSM 5

As a professional you need to up to date with psychological disorders. Psychology Roots provide you an opportunity to learn in detail with experts who teach you about disorder, its assessment method and treatment technique.

On Demand Courses

Your demand our course

Psychology Roots provide you complete freedom to learn Psychology. You can just order your desired course even with course content. We provide our best skills for your learning.

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

Every test and analysis for you

Researcher needs to analyze data through SPSS. Psychology Roots introduce special training package for learning all the  statistical test and guide how to report in thesis, article or in clinical report.

On Demand Training's

Your need and our skills

Psychology Roots is unique forum who focus and care his clients. You create query for any psychological training. We provide freedom in capacity building, our team work hard to fulfill your needs and provide quality training’s.

Premium Services
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