OCD & Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29

OCD & Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29

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Ever call someone OCD because they like to have a clean apartment? Ever tell someone you have a phobia of spiders when, in fact, they just creep you out a little? In this episode of Crash Course psychology, Hank talks about OCD and Anxiety Disorders in the hope we’ll understand what people with actual OCD have to deal with as well as how torturous Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks can actually be.

Table of Contents:

What Defines an Anxiety Disorder 01:55:20
Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 02:35:07
Generalized Anxiety Disorder 04:05:18
Panic Disorder and Phobias 04:47:20
The Learning Perspective 07:38:20
The Biological Perspective 09:13:14
Don’t Use OCD as a Punch Line 00:00:00

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September 1, 2014 / 47 Comments / by / in
  • Who else has or had Panic Disorder? If you have it then you know the fear of dying 24/7 and I wish you the best of luck.

  • I've always been a shy, anxious person. My anxiety heightened steadily over the course of the last 2 years until it blossomed into full blown agoraphobia. I literally haven't left my home in over a year. The backyard is the farthest i'll go, the front yard is simply too much at this point. I feel like such a burden on my boyfriend, he's always picking everything up for me and we can' t go out because he now knows not to even ask. I so badly want to see a psychiatrist/psychologist but i can't leave my house. it's like being in prison with the warden's key in your pocket and choosing to keep yourself locked away in your cell. This isn't living.

  • I'm typically a person who poo poos this age of Pharmaceutical mental illness nonsense.
    I love crash course and I came to these videos to set me straight. but not really…. if you get past all the filler stuff it seems the reinforcement are how these disorders become extreme. the reason these disorders don't exist in indigenous societies and third world countries is because there's no enabling reinforcement. For example, Say you were in a tribe and you fell in a bundle of sticks and got bit by a snake and then you had this irrational fear of sticks because you got bite by a snake. Your tribe wouldn't change their whole way of life to accommodate your feelings like we do now. indigenous people and people in the third world are forced to deal with it not be coddled and enabled lead to the reinforcement that he talked about

  • Does Atoractove Secrets really help to completely cure your anxiety? We have learn many good things about this popular social anxiety methods.

  • I slowly developed anxiety from bottling all my feelings and problems up…

  • I have a extreme phobia of vomit, which I haven't really admitted until now. last year I had gotten really sick which caused me to constantly be nauseous, and it was probably one of the worst moments of my life. I had used so many avoidance behaviors, the only foods I would eat were crackers and bananas and chicken most of the time, and I rarely went out, and only did when I had a bag stuffed into my pocket just in case. I have social anxiety as well so one of my biggest fears was vomitting in front of a group of people, and the thought kept me inside. it affected me so badly, I was depressed for a while even though i knew that my phobia really wasn't anything bad, if anything vomitting helps you overcome illness. it was kind of funny,, considering the fact that I never did once vomit when I was sick, but the fear kept me anticipating it each time I could

  • Anybody else find some of the animations mildly disturbing?
    Adorable, but disturbing

  • This is a great video but you forgot one very important thing. The freeze response. There is fight, flight, and freeze. Sometimes we freeze when we feel like we can't escape a bad situation. Like children being abused by their parents. Or a spouse being abused by spouse. Peer pressure at school. Being raped and not fighting back is the freeze response. The primal purpose of this response is to protect yourself emotionally from what is happening to you. This leads to dissociation and a tendency to freeze in vaguely similar situations. Helllloooo social anxiety!
    I myself have GAD, used to have panic attacks (knock on wood 😉 ) and social anxiety. As well as what seems to be a phobia of getting a job. Yayyy. Medication has kept me alive.

    If you are suffering, please be open to medication and help. And don't blame yourself for your suffering.

  • I've general anxiety without any reason I'm obsessing with some problem which is not really true but it drivin me crazy vicious cycle…i need someone wise person to guid so i can quite and to stop thinking about my problems that cyclying in my mind and makes me headache..plz some one wise person help me

  • What is it when you manifest something in your head(a visible entity or the like) to define something you are feeling and it becomes it's own almost living character? And what if you find yourself constantly answering yourself in your head and mostly only conversing with yourself while you try to stay away from others?

  • I experience panic attacks however with me sometimes I have one and I only feel the physical symptoms and not know what is going on because I won't have the mental experiences it's weird because in the moment I think am I getting sick or something. It's like an emotionless panic attack. Does anyone else have this experience because other people I talk to about this say that they have them for no reason but they still have the emotional part of the panic attack

  • Idubbbz: I have o s t e o p o r o s i s

  • I have panic attacks quite frequently, especially near exam periods. I still actively avoid going any where near my chemistry class room – is this a panic disorder?

  • I use to have a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. I got over mine mostly by facing my fears. I still sometimes get anxiety like everyone does, but not like before.

  • one time I had a panic attack and I ended up trashing my room and laying on the floor crying

  • Thank you for debunking the myths at the beginning. More people need to hear that.

  • How do you get rid of a fear of death?

  • Does Atoractove Secrets really help to completely cure your social anxiety? I have learn a lot of good things about this popular anxiety treatment.

  • When I research panic attacks it says that they last no longer than 10 minutes, but ever since I developed anxiety I feel like it has been one long panic attack. I have a psychiatrist, a counselor and am on medication but nothing is helping. I can't cope with it any longer…

  • I have social anxiety. I had to drop out of school because of it. I could barely go to school without freaking out because of all the people. It's really difficult to deal with sometimes.

  • I'm a psychopath and I do that.

  • Godfuck I was perfectly calm & sane before this video. Your video just gave me every anxiety disorder, autism, and even a little Alzheimer's.

  • Glu

    I live with someone with OCD and their OCD causes me anxiety. I guess it's because when they get anxious or obsessed over something, their emotions effect me and I get anxious and sometimes break down. It doesn't help that they come running in and out of my room because they have to clean something and I don't feel like I have space to breathe. I'm not blaming them. They can't help it, but neither can I.

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  • How can I know if a person has a phobia of something or someone, or if it is only a normal fear?

  • i have so much social anxiety that this tension always builds up in my neck and it comes out as an obvious twitch and tick in public for when im nervous and around other people. it's hell

  • What exactly is Atoractove Secrets? How does this thing really work? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular social anxiety method.

  • at one time in my life my anxiety was so horrible that I completely avoided going outside if I didn't have to and avoided any kind of family gathering by staying at home in my room where I felt the safest

  • tfw you have almost every disorder mentioned in the video

  • Thank you for posting this. It helps many people.

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  • Just wanted to ask… a few hours ago I had some kind of attack but it surely was not of panic. My mum calls it a neurotic attack although I'm not sure what that means; the world started spinning, I couldn't breathe, I kind of freaked out. Of course a short while ago- about ten minutes before my mum came and it started -I had a very bad encounter with my dad, since we're not in good terms, and I got angry, but not so much that I'd want to break or hit something or someone. I tend to be angry most of the day and I have no idea why, but I just started senior high school, although that's not a problem. I'm not stressed out, just slightly worried about how's it gonna go. And I had the same kind of ‘attack’ quite a while ago, months or even over a year ago.
    Please, help me on this! What is really a ‘neurotic attack’, is that even a thing? And how can I prevent it from occurring again in the future?

  • YOuR vIdeOs aRE AWeSOME HaNK, yEs i madE THis in pUrpOsE.

  • hello im here i have anxiety hi


  • My heart goes out to all of you experiencing these disorders. I finally went to the doc after suffering frequent panic attacks and years of anxiety. Find medicine that works for you, find a therapist or someone you can trust to talk to, and most of all learn more about yourself. Trust that things will get better and it's ok to have bad days. But all of you deserve and have the chance to live lives detached from the chains of anxiety. Do NOT give up —- there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Depersonalisation disorder here. Are you all real? Are you all a manifestation of my mind? How can you prove you're not? How can you prove i'm not a manifestation of YOUR mind?

  • As somebody with OCD, I am so glad this was made. It can be so hard to explain why jokes about OCD bother me. Not all of them are horribly offensive, I'll joke about it too, but sometimes they're so wrong it's frustrating.

  • Does Atoractove Secrets (search on google) help me eliminated my social anxiety problem for good by using natural and fast ways? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular anxiety treatment.

  • Good video, but you didn't mention Body Dysmorphic Disorder. That one seems to be the black sheep of the family…

  • Ugh I used to check the damn stove for five minutes when I was a teenager.

  • Korra from Legend of Korra (duh) has ptsd and perhaps panic attacks in book 4

  • 10:18 that almost sounded like haB*TCHual

  • When you have GAD :') and panic attacks but also almost meet the criteria for OCD :')
    so thankful my psychiatrist is alive

  • Good job. Peeps try probiotics to help ease or fix your social anxiety. Works from some.

  • The best thing to do about it is exposure, if you're irrationally afraid of something just stop avoiding it and expose yourself to it until you'r decentesiced to it, no matter how humiliating or scary it is. If you manage to pull it off enough times it goes away eventually. A therapist might also help you pull it off.

  • Anxiety is the worst. It makes you want to hole up in your room and just not come out.

    The really really bad part of all of this is that once it's a habit, it's hard for you to break it. The more you avoid something, the more it scares you.

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