NoFap – The Movement – The Psychology behind Masturbation

NoFap – The Movement – The Psychology behind Masturbation

“To Fap or Not to Fap”
No Fap – The Movement

This video is the start of my video series on the subject of masturbation. Contrary to the Zeitgeist, I will present psychoanalytic perspectives on masturbation and discuss the question of “to fap or not to fap”.
Starting from Sigmund Freud’s theory of sexuality, we look at the different developments. In the discussions of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association, we will learn various explanations of masturbation. In these discussions the question will be what masturbation is, how it is to be assessed, what role pornography plays, how mental illness is related to masturbation, what masturbation has to do with masculinity, what is the significance of the orgasm and how to actually defeat masturbation.
It also includes topics such as: Female orgasm, impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, love, nervousness, loneliness, work, success, testosterone, libido

I try to publish the other videos weekly, but please forbearance, due to the high time effort.

To Fap or not top Fap – a psychoanalytic perspective
1. No Fap – The Movement
2. Masturbation as a perversion
3. Masturbation between masochism and sadism
4. Female masturbation and sublimation
5. Masturbation as a pampering
6. Masturbation and lack of concentration
7. Masturbation as a compulsive disorder
8. Masturbation for relaxation

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