Nietzsche and Psychology: How To Become Who You Are

Nietzsche and Psychology: How To Become Who You Are

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In this video we shed light on what it means to “become who you are”, and in the process, explore some of Nietzsche’s fascinating psychological insights.
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February 21, 2017 / 41 Comments / by / in
  • One "Organizing Idea" does not always last an entire life time. After a time it can become difficult to find a new purpose.

  • I hadn't realized the theory of the "Organizing Idea". This appears to be some sort of Oriental philosophy. Perhaps meditation could help the "coming out " of this organizing idea. Wasn't he right when he said that he was going to be recognized posthumously. I have always had a connection with Nietzsche's philosophy. But it was difficult for me to put my finger on it. Not very systematic. But you have done a great job of unifying certain aspects of his Transvaluation of Values, and I am thankful for it. You have cleared a path for me. All the garbage that he has been accused of, and connected him with, has always been "cheap shots". I knew it. Unfortunately, in our modern times, the superficial presented with a bang is always taken as the truth. What a waste of human nature. AG

  • damn

  • Nietzsche was brilliant and fell victim to his own genius. He died from his inner demons that he worked so hard to warn other people about

  • Ironic. He could save others from madness, but not himself.

  • eric you're a true wizard a true alchemist- you're speaking to me and i only wish i could speak back- thank you for all your energy and information- the timing is the genius- ben

  • anyone know where i could find 'Dawn of Morning'? It doesn't seem to be around anywhere

  • Nietzsche clearly explained why history books are full of mediocre and inaccurate information regarding past events. Learning about history today is a joke! How do we know Christopher Columbus really discovered America? There could have been many many more explorers before him but it just so happens that he is chosen to be the hero. Bull shit!

  • May be I am dim witted but I don't fully agree with his reply that "Suppose that I have keys to your chains ( I have solution to your problem i.e my philosophy), why should your lock and my lock be the same (why should your problem and mine be the same)?. Well Neitzche, then that should imply that your philosophy works for only a random group of unspecified people, which should be true for any careless random solution to an unspecified psychological problem, for their are a multitude of them within nature's unceasing creativity, and a rational but unempirical shot at the dark might land on one of these multitudes, but due to lack of specificity , his talk reduces either to an unrecognized diamond or a madman's musings. But these are only the logical consequences of his reply.
    A proper reply to the contrast of his philosophical thought and his life event should be –
    1. A physician may know the nature, morphology, etiology and pharmacology of cancer in his MIND , by reading medical texts or by examining other cancer cells, but he may still die from it because the symptoms came too late and the cancer cells have advanced to the vital organs. Now there is no going back. And this is because the medical knowledge is still on it's process to development. So does that mean – "We shouldn't listen to him, because he couldn't save himself?" No. We should take his help and carry on with our ongoing investigation.
    Neitzche model is a proper model of the workings of the mind, and his late nervous breakdown is merely an unfortunate distraction to fully appreciate his ideas. We can waste hours discussing his breakdown in relation with his ideas, but that will only be a hindrance on our journey to understand the workings of the mind.

  • Great video! Nietzsche really does appear to be a precursor to Jung: sub-personalities = archetypes; organizing idea = the Self.

  • I believe Evolution Works in a backwards sort of way. I think whenever species first comes into existence it's perfect in every way. Then over time it gets smaller, more civilized and petty until you end up with something like us or the miniature dachshund.

  • Eyes to see in sides

  • Please pleaseee could you make a list of the paintings you used in this video? 😍

  • So sad you try to meld Evolution into this knowledge since evolution is an unproven horrible terrible Theory

  • I was never really into Friedrich Nietzsche but this made me change my mind. A brilliant man indeed!

  • Uh, Nietsche, though a megalomaniac, was not the first psychologist. Schopenhauer was before him, and I would not even say he was the 1st. Nietzsche's popularity always baffles me.

  • Wtf is gay science?

  • What was the eerie passage at the end again I like.

  • It's almost as if I completely resonate with what this guy is saying but deep down, it's really difficult for me to describe my inner thoughts and put it into words.

  • This beast inside me forces me to fap. Its time for me to take back control.

  • I would like to find a channel like this in spanish

  • Hah, "gay" science

  • Homo means "same" you fucking idiots not "gay."

  • Great ending!

  • He nailed it about us forgetting our past. Look what's happening in America…the radical left wants to tear down our history (for better of for worse) and suppress our religious roots and what is that leading to? A cultural connection that roots us to a common bond. What's left is an apathetic society with no passion but for self, leaving the door open for an oppressive ideology like socialism, communism or worse a theocracy.

  • I love a good mind control experiment as much as the next guy. lol

  • good stuff! Nietzsche was such romanticist! but hey what can you do! You will always be a product of the time you are from in some way!

  • maybe not the first great psychologist, but maybe the first great evolutionary psychologist.

  • Omg.. Really?

  • the title basically states, how to get inside the car you're sitting in

  • The entire video is false based on the simple fact that there is no self

  • Did I just subscribe to an Existential crisis? How far down does the rabbit hole go?

  • This is such a fantastic philosophy video–great excerpts, great images, great organization. Well done, bravo.

  • Nietzsche idealized himself like most people do, including myself.
    (Those are just my own thoughts and no improper Interpretation of Nietzsche's work or anything)
    If you are not good by some criteria, change the criteria, so that you become good.
    The simple worker says:"Hard work is real work"
    The business man argues:"I use my mind to work which is clearly a superior type of work "
    Same goes, for example, with extroverts and introverts, who idealize the way they are.
    Not everybody does that of course, but I, at least, do it, because I am too narcistic to not do it.
    Specific people, like myself, need to do this to be happy and to be sure about what they are.
    However, this easily leads to intolerance, since the ideal, being you or another version of yourself, might differ a lot to the way other people are, which therefore, in your view, makes these others inferior.
    Am I justifying intolerance, so that yourself can live happily? I would rather say this is where Intolerance comes from, besides biases that are created by your immidiate surroundings, for example, adopting the parents world view or something similar.
    Not idealizing the person you are might lead to overhelming sadness and concern about yourself.
    Of course you can also just not give a fuck about other people or anything, but doesn't that make you dislike what I wrote by some degree, since I am clearly different to what you represent to yourself?
    I personally think you can use this idealization process to become the person you want to be.
    Idealize a version of you, far superior than you, but still in reach for you, and force yourself to follow the path of becoming this person in order to reach greater happiness.

    Please, feel welcomed to discuss!

  • I think it's a bit different than that… but maybe only for some… maybe it is like that for others though…

  • Does anyone know what the painting shown at 8:14 is called?

  • Buddha was a psychologist

  • Before Nietzsche there was no psychology? Before Nietzsche there was Blake and Shakespeare.

  • Um.. introspection can cause madness? I doubt that.

  • Shouldn't it be "Become who you will be" – that is, by an overcoming, an undergoing?

  • "First, do no harm."

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