Narcissists Get Jealous: The Psychology of What Triggers Jealousy From a Narcissist

Narcissists Get Jealous: The Psychology of What Triggers Jealousy From a Narcissist

Why do narcissists get so jealous sometimes? What triggers a narcissist’s jealousy? How do narcissists become jealous?
What is the psychology behind a narcissist’s jealousy? In this video, we will answer these questions and more.

Healing after dealing with someone with NPD or narcissism in a relationship is tough – join me on this journey of self-discovery and narcissistic relationship recovery.

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October 16, 2017 / 20 Comments / by / in
  • So my narcissist got jealous of two men who asked me to take a picture of them at a concert. It was so innocent and he reacted so strongly. Ruined the whole night and next day with terrible cutdowns and abusive Behavior. You know it's bad when people around you at the concert or asking me if I'm safe because of his behavior. Anyways a few days later after he calmed down, and I put a ridiculous amount and effort to restore the relationship, he said he wasn't jealous of the men interacting with me, rather he was envious that I would get attention and not him…How dare I get attention from the opposite sex and not him too. It's crazy and I went through hell and back that night without any apology afterwards… Of course

  • My Narc was sooo Jello of me!  He always put me down for being educated.  It was insane!

  • Yes! I won a bowling tournament, won $700 and he gave me the silent treatment going home. He told others at the tourney, "I'll never see any of that money"

  • He also referred to my male friends as my "boyfriends".

  • My relationship with my own mother was met with jealousy by my narcissistic father. He projected his own feelings onto me at the time and I was left scratching my head. In a fit of rage, he even went so far as to falsely report to authorities that I was sleeping with my own mother.

  • Always perfect timing!

  • Had a thought for a topic – one that I came across a few times at the beginnng of my research but have not heard about for ages. Enmeshment. Right at the almost end of my relationship proper with my narcissistic ex husband, he actually said to me "……, we're the same thing anyway" a couple of times. It almost came over as nice (but with a hint of sinister). A rarely mentioned facet these days. Related to boundary violations of course (such a popular topic) but not quite the same thing. It's boundarylessness Xtreme super deluxe!

  • My ex narc was jealous of a few things .# 1.being I had better paying job then him with paid time off an possible advancement which he never had.and still dont.He always said you get paid well for your work when I would express how it was a long tiring week.

  • Yeah! God! His impression management was a BIG feature – particularly toward the end of the relationship as you might expect. He was VERY much concerned wth controlling information flow.

  • Jealous or envious? They are different. jealousy is you have moved on they have not envious is they want what you have i.e nice car nice house and they will do anything to take it away from you even if they need to set fire to it with you in it.

  • Jealousy of accomplishments… Guuuuuuuurl.

  • My narcissist is jealous of my degree from Harely Davidson. He considers me property. I have changed literally everything about myself to appease him. Seriously, everything you said describes my husband.😭

  • hi Angie, I am interested in doing a private session with you. About this topic…….

  • My ex-narc bosses I learned and some women I work closely with these days are so jealous of me because I am able to start a conversation with patrons. I am naturally friendly and I have a unique style that looks like I took a ton of time to get ready in the mornings. And I get complements about all the time, and my boss and co-workers can hear people saying nice things about my looks. Which is not true I'm into the quick, simple, and comfortable way of getting ready before I go out. And I have a very active social life which I am always going out to events that I plan for myself. And my interests are ten times different then most people ( a few people) I live a mostly anolog/vintage 1940s-1960s life style. I keep feeling like the women I work with can not stand that I like looking nice, neat, and have a happy friendly open personality. And that I do not gossip and do not talk much. I get spied on at work all the time. I get the up and down looks and the squint so they can see what I am reading or looking at. I have this feeling that theses women I am working with are looking me over so that they can try and find a weak spot in me so they can use it against me. Which has been the cause in the past. I feel like some women can not stand seeing another woman march to the beat of her own drummer. That really makes some women so jealous. Even before I started taking an interest in dressing like I came straight out of an old black and white movie. I was bullied by my ex-narc boss. I've been told I have a strong kind, giving, and independent spirit. Which I now learned was the cause of my being bullied by my first ex-narc boss, and still is another reason why I get bullied. No matter what I will never ever change or stop being me, its the only person I know how to be is just plain old me. I am super grateful for your channel and Permission To Exists' channel and an article I read giving in full detail why narc's bully and how not to worry about them no matter what they say and do, since what I recently learned is fear is what feeds a narc bully. And keep my eyes open and continue to learn to embrace my good traits and learn how to not let people bully me by speaking the truth not out of anger but in a calm manner and confront the bully in a non-attacking way. Since I learned these narc bullies want to always say ' I told you so and so was a trouble maker'. By my not getting angry and this might sound weird not defending myself by trying to get my point of view heard has helped stop arguments from getting carried away. This is now my new superpower. And reinforcing my positive thoughts about who I am and what I like about myself, and the things I have knowledge in. Without having some one jump in and try to rescue me with out asking for help. And not get mad when they jump in any way. And continue to say when I need help I will always ask.

  • My narc was not the jealous type at all. I didn’t experience these situations . If some guy hit on me he thought that was great because it made him look good. He had no investment in me whatsoever. The only scary thing about this is that I didn’t realize it, since I was so disconnected from myself and didn’t see my worth. Took me decades to realize the discard.

  • Now that I am educated, when I used to be the one to break up first, I think he would Hoover me back so that he could be the one to break up with me! So that he could win!Terrible!!

  • My mother was jealous of my accomplishments in high school, so she turned real cold, made sure I moved to the furthest college from home, didn't let me come home to visit on the holidays, nor did she remember any of my birthdays, nor did she attend my wedding because she was "too busy doing other things." She should have been my step-mom because she acted like an evil witch. There is so much more torture I endured, but for the sake of brevity, I will stop now. And believe it or not, I haven't managed to go no contact! This group is helping me learn.

  • The narc and I co own a business and the local newspaper wanted to do an article on us but I didn't find out about it until after the fact, so the article is ALL about him . He also is very jealous of people he used to work with that have gone on to become successful and make more money! He doesn't get how they could and he couldn't!!

  • Ugh… Just about everything you described.. Sssooo fits the narc in my life!! During the love bombing stage he couldnt stop bragging about my accomplishments.. Then, well he started to percieve that mine were "better" than his… And well, you all know how that goes. Sigh. He won a congressional medal of honour, presented by the Canadian Govenor General. It really does not get any better than that, but, because i was invited to be on the "Whos Who list" two years in a row… He saw that as being more accomplished!! Not exactly sure how that works but… There ya go!! And when you say that they feel people and places cease to exist when they leave?? Yup! Absolutely no thought for anyone not actually present in their immediate place of being.. Unless he wants something.

  • I'm just now picking up the pieces of what I can salvage of my self and my life after last loving a Narcissist I honestly thought loved me back! He had me convinced we were soul mates for 27 years! Thank you for all great info you've helped me in my journey of life after a Narcissist!

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