My name is Zainab Rehman. I am a professional Sketch Artist and rightnow I am working in one of the renowned international art society of Pakistan while my monthly income is in Lacs. Approximately 9 years ago, after getting average passing marks in matriculation my father forced me to join AL-Mustafa academy,Islamabad in order to get better marks in my intermediate.

In Al-Mustafa academy I was encountered with my physics teacher. No doubt his teaching skills were awesome and he was a famous physics teacher as well but his thoughts about other professions other than engineering and medical were pathetic. His favouritism was for those students who wanted to become an engineer or a doctor whereas those students who used to have different aims/goals were badly disrespected by him.

When I told him that I want to become a professional sketch artist then he started making fun of me infront of the whole class on the daily basis. He said “Be a doctor or an engineer and don’t screw me up with your silly aims and goals. He further added “The respect only belongs to these occupations whereas other professions are worthless”.

He was my teacher so I often used to bear his negative comments while the whole class laughing at me. Once he said “You are a useless piece of crap, look at Arooba she is better than you coz she has got good grades in matriculation exam and she is passionate about becoming a doctor”.

I started grieving because of his rude behavior towards me just because my aims were different than others around me. Due to continuous insults and taunts that were delivered by him, I decided to give up on my dreams as I went too low i.e. in the state of depression.

I tried to kill myself by eating ample amount of sleeping pills. At this stage I met an amazing professional sketch artist from NCA,Rawalpindi named Nadia Kazmi and she motivated me by sharing her personal struggle that how she faced the harsh attitudes and comments of her teachers and even her relatives. She said “No human can decide your fate, if your teachers don’t respect you just because you are a different soul with different aims/goals then it’s not your fault actually they are living their lives inside the box of fake reality. Their thinking calibre is not enough to understand your hidden talent and creativity. Your teacher is just illogical as he wanted to see a fish to fly like a bird so write down my words that your teacher is a liar”.

On that day I decided to follow my dream that was to become a professional sketch artist while proving these so called “MENTORS” wrong, so the upcoming generation can get some motivation and encouragement from me.

I completed my Bachelor degree from NCA,Lahore after that I got scholarship from Art School Australia,Melbourne and I went to Australia to pursue a professional course in Sketching. After getting the degree from Art School Australia,Melbourne I came back to Pakistan in order to practice my skills.

Within no time an international art society of Pakistan called me for the job proposal as they were really impressed by my talent i.e. my talent of sketching and putting the reality on the paper. Now I am living an extremely happy and respectful life while getting my monthly salary in Lacs.

Never ever let anyone to decide your fate; the respect is in talent not in the grades or not part of any specific occupation. You will be respected if you have got some real talent. It doesn’t matter even if you are not an engineer or a doctor or don’t have good grades.

Today I am enough clear and confident to say:

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