My Psychological Testing & How I Became Interested in Psychology

My Psychological Testing & How I Became Interested in Psychology

Psychology, and the brain in general, fascinates me. The power of the mind is incredible! I became interested in psychology in 2012, around the same time I became aware of, and accepted, my mental conditions. I started seeing a psychologist in 2013 and had testing done around the same time. I did the Rorschach inkblot test, thematic apperception test, among many others. But, the results were inconclusive and I was initially diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and schizoaffective disorder (bipolar + schizophrenia).

5:54 – My Psychological Testing
8:39 – My Testing Results

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  • Thank You

  • I've been seeing a psychologist for almost two years now and I'm just passing by to say you are not alone in this. I fully support you and appreciate you for your strength and resilience. You are an admirable human being and I sincerely wish you can overcome your struggles and be happy. We may never talk to each other again, but here is my honest good luck to you!

    P.S. As a Psychology student myself and your affectionate subscriber, I'm curious: what branch in particular are you studying at the moment? What are your favourite authors? And what are your plans for when you graduate, if any?

    Love from Italy! <3

  • What modern psychologist would use an ink blot test? smh. You should look into seeing someone else because learning how useless that test is is psych 101 

  • Omg you are beautiful. Tbh if I didn't know that you were born a male, I would even know. You're very strong Hun. Keep it up.

  • You have such a soothing voice!
    I've just seen your video on hypnosis, and, while you were saying things like "close youre eyes" with youre voice – it calmed me down to a point where I became sleepy and my eyes wanted to close. You would be such a great therapist, considering also what you had to deal with and go through. 
    I want to add that you are really special person, you take youtube and all of us as ginnie pigs in your healing process, and that is something only a highly capable person would be able to do.
    Our (Bosnian) writer Mesa Selimovic once sad: "One is what one does, not what one thinks", so all that messyness with your alter egos, fears, selfdoubts, and impressions of yourself don't count in defining who you are.  What you do at the end (and what you don't)  is what's defining, that is your guideline, everything else is just white noise.
    I wish you all the best!

  • Praise the. Lord !!!!
    I've been praying for u …🌻

  • I like u better in the white top and the subtle makeup …it's as if finally ur not wearing a mask … The real u the accepting u is very lovely !!! 🌻

  • About 80% of those test results describes me! However, I'm not gonna freak out about it. I'll just continue to work on how to overcome my issues. And even though I support anyone's decision to take psych meds, I believe that it's possible to overcome mental disorders and past trauma without them.

  • Did you complete all your psych testing as host? Did any alters participate, and would this have potentially skewed results?

  • In college I had a hypothesis that my teachers said was either rubbish or pure genius… being that only the how is real I feel my algorithm is a key to solving the mysteries of the mind. Including imbedded things… combing my logic of computer programing and social dynamics and the circuitry of our electrical system and laws of electrons and stuff.. combing all these fields I really want to develop this. Revealing this key publicly can in sense make you ultimately vulnerable….

  • BS an oven in with a family in a park is the foundation for a future that is not yet possible but will be. If i need to i will get an oven in the middle of a park and bake cookies… just to prove that. It's more the creativity it is the epitome of innovation… CEO's and what not tend to have "disorders" but they reshape the world! BTW …. gah just watch this… American shrinks are literally behind… Derren Brown an illusionist, has taken the potential of the mind way out there. Also I have a mentor who showed me this, yes ex hypnotist / CEO etc.. etc..
    Mel Cutler
    who taught me some things ergo I am his apprentice.
    Placebo's more real then medicine!

  • Hey, I have a question. Is it possible for a person to have a borderline disorder and a narcissistic disorder at the same time? I mean, could they be linked? Kinda like how the schizoaffective is a combination of bipolar and schizophrenia.

  • I myself am fascinated by psychology, as I've been exposed to it since a very early age by my family, who all have degrees in the psychological field. Also, mental disorders are hard to deal with (I have friends with depression, and while I can't imagine what they go through, I've gotten enough late night suicidal calls to get a general idea). Regardless, I think that it's amazing that you try to use that to help others try to accept themselves. So. Kudos.
    1.You are beautiful, no matter what.
    2.You are worth it. You matter.

  • Is this Iris, and not Autumn?

  • I was diagnosed to be psychopath about a week ago, week ago. I dont see why people even care for shit like that how does it matter whether you insane or not people won't know that and even if they do what they wanna do against you? "They can't handle the heat, then they will be eaten like meat" – Me

  • Oh you are aweseome at giving advice Autumn, you should keep on doing it. Your respect for yourself is really theraputic, i am shocked yu have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend you are so beautiful! I don't care about what any of these people say bout you on here, you are a beautiful person for doing this, i actually dont even believe u when u say u ave a mental disorder.. because you sound so so intelligent, I wouldn't doubt it either.

  • I have a suspicious feeling that we aren't the only females that have gone through this or are currently going through this……………..

  • or use it as an excuse to not further their growth as a human being (which is what people tell me). But we live in a free country, so not my problem. Even religion and politics is free debate and thinking. Pretty much at least, however I realize there are more boundaries in those areas if you live in a competitive environment (or one that suggests so). && Thank you for your videos.

  • Do we need to label… a chair to sit on it? Might I suggest an alternativ read… dr glidden on mental disorders.

  • I feel no love and I don't want to be love I hate feelings when people joke and say I love u and show some likeing to me I just not say nothing and I just walk away and do my work I just try to talk about something different I only hug people sometimes if I like or just want to feel a bit of emotion like u I don't really like date sites because of fake people on them they just play games I just want some one in my life but I just wanted to have no one because of it I feel that because I been I love with some one in 2012 I just didn't get over it until 2013 I just got it back in 2014 because I got to close to a girl I was going to be friends outside of work that I liked but because I'd no stop talking to her because then she said no then I started to get upset I started getting angry and stuff it hirt me so much but I'm OK now but I just didn't want to feel it

  • thank you so much for sharing your results. that's a very personal thing and I appreciate you sharing. I find the test process very interesting on how so much can be seen from so little. I would love to be able to take this test myself and/or learn more about it.

  • Living for iris's makeup

  • Dear Autumn, you are so beautiful and fascinating…

  • can you tell what did you saw in the rorschach test? thank you.

  • The blue eyeshadow looks so good on you 😊

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