Mindset by Carol Dweck FULL audiobook

Mindset by Carol Dweck FULL audiobook


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  • This book is extremely wordy, and doesn't say much. Listen to it if you want to hear hours of stories about sports players, ceos, students etc who succeeded or failed. Everything could have been summed up succinctly in an hour.

    Here are the main points:
    Growth mindset: Values the learning process and hard work, doesn't view failure as a reflection of their character but instead as an opportunity to improve. Growth mindset people take resposibility for their short comings and are innately aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They then work to improve those weaknesses to become more effective people. Growth mindset is adaptable and flexible instead of stagnant and content. Growth mind set requires one to have an attitude of continual self improvement. Works as a team player

    Fixed mindset: Values results over everything, and short term success. If they don't do well initially they avoid the tasks all together. Fixed mind set individuals view failure as a reflection of their character and of their own inadequecy. They blame others and make excuses for their short comings instead of taking responsibility. Fixed mind set individuals focus on the image they have of themselves and validation from others instead of focusing on growth and challenging themselves. Fixed mindsets can affect ones performance even if the individual is a capable person because of their focus on the result not the process.

    Basically this is all of the information in this book, minus all the discussion about studies, famous people who achieved or didnt achieve xyz etc. I hope this comment was helpful.

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  • Way too American

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