Milgram Obedience Study

Milgram Obedience Study

Perhaps the most important study ever performed in the field of Social Psychology.


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  • as W C Fields said, Get away from me Kid, You Bother Me,

  • How did this turn into a Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman thing? This video has absolutely nothing to do with that. Can we just let that shit go now?

  • Obedience to authority is NOT intrinsic to human behavior. It is a direct result of the way we are educated and raised. No one wants to look at the authoritarian elephant in the room that is compulsory schooling.

  • psychology students always baffle me, The Zimmerman/ trayvon case is a perfect case study for obedience analysis, because the Police/milgram told the Zimmerman/Teacher , to not approach the Trayvon/Learner , but the creepy-ass cracker did anyway, just like some teachers on this video defied authority also

  • What that guy did was cruel

  • i have seen the more recent study on this and it worked out the exact same way, but i believe the outcome would be different if they could see who they were hurting.

  • I think that the reason of why the people didn't stop the experiment earlier was because they did not have a visual of who they were hurting, so it was easier to keep going on with the experiment.

  • Its very disturbing to see how someone can be affected by the person with the higher power. It seems as though our brain works in a different way, as we try to appease the authoritative figure, instead of making our own decisions.

  • I believe the man handling the shocking levels was blinded by the desire to succeed to a point. At higher levels some were blinded and others were just sadistic a few found their humanity.

  • This is very cruel but at the same time they learned some things. They didn't realize what they were really doing until later. Or didn't realize what they were doing at all.

  • The outcome of this video does not surprise me.Around the world there are far worse things happening to people.Violence, rape, abuse, and murder are happening every second of every day.This experiment proved the evil nature man has but also mans ability to be gullible.Would you jump off a cliff because all your friends are doing it? Would you vote for a president because its the cool thing to do?We as the next generation need be careful what we believe because the truth is often coated with lies

  • For centuries people have tried to appease people in power, doing whatever they said too out of fear for their lives, their families, and there social status. Powerful people with great authority saw this, and learned how to use it to their advantage, by stripping a man from what he knows to be true, and layering on lies. After awhile, these lies become what we believe to be truth

  • This is so interesting

  • hahahaha…….. its social psychology homework LOL

  • College Sociology.

  • High School Psychology

  • No. He means seizures among the actual subjects (the "teachers"). It was so stressful to give the shocks to a fellow human beings that three of the 40 subjects had seizures, others laughed maniacally or started crying, but most of them still continued. So strong was the drive to obey authority.

  • Sociology: to see what ethical reasons, Milgram didn't follow.

  • no chance

  • who is the narrator at the beginning (not stanley milgram, the other guy they never show)?

  • dat psych exam doe.

  • he looks sketchy and creepy as fuck

  • I always felt that this entire experiment was staged, and that everyone involved was a professional actor.  It's still a fascinating "show" though…maybe I ought to reconsider my psych major, if I think all these famous psychologists are either fakes, quacks or totally bat shit crazy.

  • and this is what we have going on on a massive level.everyone checking their morality and personal responsibility at the door for their salve job.state road workers leveling huge areas full of birds,small animals and bees for "development",police violently assaulting households and removing children from loving families over marijuana use.oil drillers and gas frackers destroying entire landmasses harming entire populations of peoples and life,child services workers removing children from homes to create revenue,doctors denying the effects of mercury/alumunim toxicity repeatedly injecting children with deadly vaccines ,basically everyone with a job is helping this totalitarian system to expand and excusing themselves just as nazi soldiers did by  asserting "i am just doing my job".

  • No doubt in testing human behaviour perfect results are obtained by putting them in the situation rather than hypothetically..

  • damnit the sound keeps cutting out making it hard to follow >:(

  • LOL…………

  • I have to say that even though this experiment was rigged; it goes without saying that people in general are will to shift the responsibility to someone else – the one that is in control. Only the ones with a strong moral values would stand up for themselves and those people would end up being jailed or worse in a war situation depending on what country you were living in. How did the 2nd world war occure ; this experiment gives you first hand look on how. Comments From Niagara College, Welland, Ontario, Canada – A Phyc Assignment. Thanks for posting this video. Tim Abrams 

  • my AP Psych teacher just showed this to us in class today, just sayin the sound does cut off it's weird, this is very interesting how could they even make that -extreme intensity shock would kill you; DANGER severe shock that's exactly what he said would not be part of the shock experiment, smh…

  • I feel like I should share this just to reiterate- Milgram never actually had the 'teacher' (the person in control of the switchboard) shock anyone. The 'learner' (shock-ee), were acting. HOWEVER, the person in control of the shocks was often mortified by what they could do under the guise of 'command and obedience', and suffered panic attacks- or as my psychology book states: "Participants (the 'teacher') were put into an emotional situation in which many of them appeared to be on the point of nervous collapse (many bit their lips, dug their fingernails into their own flesh, laughed hysterically, and pushed their fists into their foreheads). Participants also learned something disturbing about themselves- that they would follow the commands of an authority figure to harm another human being." 

  • This is from a larger documentary…what is the full show called?

  • What a complex issue! But the truth is tough to face; so what do we do? We regulate it off, so we can live our comfy lives, surrounded by lies and delusions about our human condition and weaknesses. Don't talk to us about weaknesses; just tell us how strong and great we are… We go around proud, aggressive and self-entitled, instead of humble and more connected to the reality. I hail Dr. Milgram. I wish we could still conduct studies similar to his, even though it is clearly a terribly difficult experience for the subjects. It vexes one.

  • Anyone else doing this for English homework?

  • English essay anyone

  • I am doing for a Cornell notes

  • quem veio pela soraka filósofa? kkkkkkkkk

  • The sound keeps glitching out.

  • I'm doing this for psychology homework.

  • The answer is that these people are not decent and courteous people, truly. They only act that way on the outside, but people are not honest, not decent, don't do what's right, and if they do they are shunned and out casted in society. Everyone is soul-less and acting, and the majority are hateful towards others and themselves.

  • This reminds me of the book and movie "The Giver" everyone in society is taught to be courteous, don't lie, be precise in your words, explain your feelings, etc. But the people experience no emotions, no true eternal feelings such as love, pain, inspiration.

  • @ReviewCam for my A Level (College, if you're not familiar with the British education system) Psychology class. And i dont know, really. On one hand, i usually try to follow authority–ie teachers, police etc. but on the other hand, i cant tolerate pain of this magnitude. So i cant say for sure…

  • this is soo bad omg

  • Man is but a monkey shaved. And more dangerous.

  • oh okay.

  • How do I cite this on my reference page for my paper in APA format?

  • Psychology assignment?

  • Bøsse

  • Social Psychology class

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