Meet Your Master: Getting to Know Your Brain – Crash Course Psychology #4

Meet Your Master: Getting to Know Your Brain – Crash Course Psychology #4

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In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, we get to meet the brain. Hank talks us through the Central Nervous System, the ancestral structures of the brain, the limbic system, and new structures of the brain. Plus, what does Phineas Gage have to do with all of this?

Table of Contents:
Basics of the CNS 2:15
Basics of the Brain 5:03
Ancestral Structures of the Brain 5:37
Limbic System 7:31
New Structures of the Brain 8:32

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  • i dont think im smart or anything not that im stupid but mind is soul too ur mind ur emotions and ur will=(soul) but me or self or what people have been calling consience its not im a spirit the soul its the heart of my spirit just like my body and my physical heart its they are actually a manifestation of me in the spirit realm not that i see the spirit realm of course but i read my binle and believe in God now. because i do i know that adan and eve didnt have a consience before they ate from the knowledge of good and evil Genesis 3:7

  • this is a way much easier way to study than reading the textbook!

  • Psychology exam next Monday. These videos really help to refresh my memory!

  • phinieas cage is just a legend, something that bad didnt happen to anyone………right?


  • Crash Course: Music Theory =] PLZ

  • I made a Brain Game with the help of your video!

  • This video is it. Holy cowwww!

  • Maybe its my chemical brain and it's chemicals becoming active, but Crash Course is ❤️

  • Man, brain is awesome. Neuropsychology is awesome.

  • I wish YouTube had a slowmo option. Love the vid and information given. He just talks a tad bit to fast for my liking. Makes me fidgety, nonetheless good energy.

  • I love your accent!

  • Whoever is part of the graphics team for all these video I'd like to say, thank you for working so hard because I love it

  • Is it okay to take up psychology after high school even if we didn't have Biology as our subject in school?

  • how are we supposed to react to the fact that we are just a series of reactions in our body controlled by the brain and nothing more?

  • I use to be a hater but I've come around to see this guy a huge help.

  • Phineas the immortal being

  • You sound like the doctor on Enterprise !

  • Your BEST video, yet!

  • You summarize my whole (semester) neuroscience course in less than 13 minutes. Awesome..!!!! Thank you^^

  • Gage could have just lost it because he was tired of the way he looked..depression..the seizures are another question..maybe it was his brain trying to fire to a place that wasn't there anymore

  • The belief that we only use 10 or 20% of our brains may not be strictly accurate in biological terms, but it has caught the public imagination for good reason – people fall far short of their potential. We all know this to be true, so, the misunderstanding between the scientist and the public here is purely semantic.

  • Damn Phineas Damn

  • It blows my mind to think about the thoughts of the first person to discover that the head holds a brain & that it's the thing that causes thought. Imagine them telling others about this magical organ that allows us to think…

  • My school taught me and 2nd graders that we have a right and left dominant side. Don't you love how honest our school system is?

  • I believe that it is so important to be careful what kind of people we associate with bc if they are bad associations then our brain will be more than willing to take the least resistance and just wind up just like our bad associations. If we associate w good people, the ones who will encourage us to do good things, our brain will have to work a little more and think how much better our life will be if we feed our brain w goodness!

  • I love this side of youtube

  • I forgot everything I just heard in the past 12 minutes and 34 seconds. That or I had no idea what he just said.

  • I liked this video, I liked the animation, I want to know what app you use. Next time, I think the videos could be a little bit shorter. Any tips and subs to my channel?

  • I'm a cerebral person, and one of the reasons I study psychology is to prove to people that the heart is NOT responsible for love, the brain is! Technically, when somebody
    breaks up with you, he broke your brain, not heart. I'm tired of people going 'oh my heart is broken.' (I know this concept was poorly worded, but try and feel me.)

  • Hello. Thank you for your efforts. Some of us mother language is not english. Would you mind if you can speak a little bit slower. I want to concentrate on it. But your way to speak makes it impossible.

  • I legit gagged at the coughed up brain

  • Took an actual spike through his brain and literally just walked away from it?
    Damn. That's a whole new level of "like a boss"!

  • so who's here from Psych class for Dr. Grant?

  • This is not a corndog

  • thanks for Arabic subtitle ❤

  • Sense of self is found in one's soul.

  • i like your shirt!

  • I wonder how much of your viewers are german ^^

  • Biology exam in a day 😂😂😂

  • Thank you for existing and saving my life countless times ^_^

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