Measuring Personality: Crash Course Psychology #22

Measuring Personality: Crash Course Psychology #22

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How would you measure a personality? What, exactly, is the self? Well, as you’ve come to expect, it’s not that easy to nail down an answer for those questions. Whether you’re into blood, bile, earth, wind, fire, or those Buzzfeed questionnaires, there are LOTS of ways to get at who we are and why.

Table of Contents

Trait & Social-Cognitive Personality 01:35:01
Measuring Personality 02:57:03
Who or What is the Self? 09:16:14
How Self Esteem Works 09:42:04

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July 15, 2014 / 42 Comments / by / in
  • I might be the only one up for something like this but what if CC proposed an open ended question to the viewers, or some type of response provoking question after each video open to discussion, I think it would help solidify a lot of the ideas taught throughout the video by helping viewers create personal relationships to the content enabling us to walk away with some substance and call to action.

  • I've been searching online to take the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory test . but I can't seem to find it . did I miss something ? It is a test that you can take online , right ?

  • I give a 4 hour lecture covering the same thing in my Psych 100 class.

  • I did not

  • The Myers-Briggs has some serious flaws. Two of the most notable ones: i) the values for its traits are normally distributed such that the great majority of people are actually found in the middle of the continuous spectrum, so pigeonholing people into two discrete categories (per each of the four traits) is seriously dubious; and ii) its lacking at least one dimension (the Neuroticism factor of the Big Five) needed to accurately characterize personality profiles. In conclusion, the Big Five is much more scientifically rigorous.

    That being said… I'm an ENTP πŸ˜›

  • Did anyone else notice oitnb in the beginning

  • I wonder how many takes this video took. I would love to see the bloopers. Man this guy can talk.

  • I'm PB&J.

  • Is observational learning a behaviorist or social cognitive theory?

  • you should look jordan peterson's personality classes. He speeks a lot about the big 5 and IQ. You can start at the course number 14 (maybe 13, I don't remember)

  • Albert Einstein said he spoke to everyone the same wether it was the garbage man or the president of a university. I believe that way of thinking can develop into a "true self" rather than a variety of personalities, per say.

  • Thank you !! using this to pass my degree πŸ˜‰

  • ?

    the first there came to my mind was the man was dead
    is that bad?

  • Just a minor amendment, the ancient Chinese way of defining personalities is the balance of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. I'm INTP btw

  • This is kinda like mbti

  • I hope there can be a Crash Course Video based on the MBTI Personality Types would be awesome!

  • how do genes effect the personality???

    urgent answer please

  • @ 7:06 in the picture I decided she was tired closing the door.. what would the reasoning be for that presumption?

  • FYI in the subtitles you have "Young" when it should be "Jung" πŸ™‚

  • why you are talking super fast

  • WHO is this Bernice?

  • psych test tomorrow :'( #prayforme

  • HMB

    any #Logang in the house!?

  • Intj here .. βœŒπŸ˜ƒ
    Anyone else ?!

  • 🌸

  • I am a slightly more extroverted ISTJ.

  • dear sir, plz speak slow,

  • Rorschach is so handsome its unbelievable

  • 0:28 It's not wind though, it is wood. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

  • i speak too fast, can you slow down.I am a foreigner and its extremely hard for me to follow up.
    Thanks in advance

  • INFP-T peeps! πŸ‘Š

  • 0:03, Kodak Black

  • Ew, MBTI is shit…

    I'm INTP

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • I am an INTJ!! πŸ™‚

  • It's Albert Bandura, not Alfred.

  • This guy speaks too fast

  • @crashcourse Is there anywhere I can get questions to go along with the video for my students? Thanks!

  • Make a level of sarcasm and the perfect family collied with more social self awareness.

  • 4:55 remember him, it's Leonidas!!

  • Upvote for PB&J

  • i like cows

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