Mastering Trading Psychology

Mastering Trading Psychology

In this video Navin is going to walk you through various aspects of trading psychology and how a winning attitude can lead to greater profits.

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July 25, 2017 / 36 Comments / by / in
  • In my opinion this is the most valuable webinar I ever watched on your chanel. Do not get me wrong, all of your webinars are really usefull and interesting But this is Gold,I cant even describe you. Its an eye opening for anyone with life problems and not just for traders. Its kinda weird when you realize that your problem is "between your ears" lol, but also scary because it takes time,commitment and a lot of effort to fix it or better to say "reprogram it". I already knew some stuff about human psyhology which you mentioned in the early phase of the webinar but after 30 minute mark I was in an ugly surprise. Thank you for this !

  • how to join the gr

  • What do you think about binery options navin

  • +Urban Forex
    I have only one sentence for you.
    now i know why i am a shitty trader, and the answer is because of my fear of losing.

  • One of the awesome session I have ever watched. Navin, you are just awesome. Learned a lot from this. Thank you very much.

  • Urban Forex. THANK YOU for all your efforts and the knowledge you share with us!

  • very funny i recommend watching with a glass of wine

  • What do you mean by 45 minutes analyzing like one currency pair ? Or the market in general ? also do you invest in stocks ? I watched some of your webinars and they're awesome but this one is probably the best 🙂

  • The absolute best video I've ever seen on trade psychology

  • Holy shit I watched this full. You gotta take it fast bro.

  • we need a strategy to build your point of view around it


  • my name is george you could use vol to help you to see what can happen ??

  • I watch almost all your webinar. Simply superb. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. I missed your last webinar "Mastering Fibonacci Trading". Is the webinar recorded? Will it be on Youtube. Waiting for it.

  • Wow, this is one of the best webinars naivn has ever produced. I learned a lot from it, and these instructions I will keep with me forever. God bless you navin!!!!

  • My favorite part was the last part i always like watching your webinars Mr.Navin but what much i like is i can apply it not only in trading but also in life looking forward to buy your courses 🙂

  • Salute to you Sir….Great information

  • This is brilliant! I laughed so much when you said "negotiating with who? I don't know, with yourself. Come on give me $200. Pull out your pom poms. Cheerleading stuff" lol!!! Hilarious!!! You're an awesome teacher!!

  • The best webinar I ever watched. Thanks Naveen for this!!!

  • This is my first comment.. in a youtube channel ever..
    This is your best video in your channel. One can really feel that you are talking to each and everyone in person, in direct contact – Be it traders or not, beginners or experts.. So valuable.. Way to go Navin.

  • Good job Navin

    Thanks a lot…

  • I want to become a day trader. But how would I be able to do that if I can't open an account with $25,000. Need advise in how can I grow and obtain financial freedom and a better future for my family and myself.

  • Thank you Navin, absolutely an amazing webinar. Life changing knowledge.

  • Great video!! Thanks Navin I really needed it. Last week I traded fantastically this week hasn't been as good but there are four days to go and I can make it all back. Mindset is everything.

  • this was amazing!

  • The market has endless opportunities –> Golden statement.
    Stopped negotiating Navin …..

    Awesome Webinar 🙂

  • you are a good man Sir

  • great

  • Looking for.the beginner's tutorial

  • This is possibly the best video on Youtube I've ever seen. I had at least 10 aha moments watching this. Quadruple thumbs up!

  • Amazing!! Loving watching all your webinars, learning so much. Thanks 😊

  • one of his best videos!!

  • Mr Navin thank you for this webinar, I feel many times something pulling me back from advancing in life I identified it. Without this knowledge whatever we learn is useless. I have a feeling in my mind you are my mentor for forex, want to join MPA courses shortly. You are a good teacher man. keep it up, Thank you once again.

  • This is all so realtable….not just to trading but life in general…thank u sir…sometimes it fells like im in an appointment for a psychiatrist

    Ill call u boss from now on 😉

  • ♥ thanks for all your free videos ♥

  • G A

    This is a weekly watch on a Sunday just to get your mind right for the week.

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