Major: Forensic Psychology?? // College Series

Major: Forensic Psychology?? // College Series

So I am a Forensic Psychology major (BA in Psychology with a Forensic concentration)… Yep. Kinda weird, kinda cool, kinda changed my path but what are you gonna do. I get questions from people on tumblr and in everyday life asking what my major is about so here we are 🙂

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  • im going to college soon and this was really interesting,what you're studying sounds really interesting!good luck 🙂

  • This was very informative ☺️☺️

  • Have you done ANY research on the actual JOBS available? I hope your parents are paying for your degree. 6+ years of your life and taking loads of "just for fun" classes just to end up at the back of the unemployment line isn't going to go over well.

    You need at LEAST a masters to even be employable in the field of psychology, and even then you're going to be making less than 35k a year. Being as there are SO many psychology majors and SO little demand for them, you're going to have some stiff competition landing even the shittiest jobs out there.

  • Haha, you sound like me. I think it is good to take alot of classes to see what your interested in. Just don't will just come to you easy. I originally wanted to to cognitive/neuroscience. Then I tookthe class found out it was really hard bc it's for people that are really smart and basically have computer brains haha! Anyways I took abnormal psych just like you did. It was a great class, loved my professor. Lol,im 24 still don't know exactly what im majoring in. But it may be clinical psychology. The reason I may major in that is because I naturally like to get inside the minds of people and find out the root to their issues. I like to gind out why people are the way they are and that starts from childhood. Im always like I wonder how they got bipolar diorder..did it start out from their past, etc. So I think its best when finding a major to just focus on your passion and what comes natural to you! 🙂 Good luck to you!!

  • Nice, I'm getting my BA in psychology with a concentration in forensics too! I love it. I can't wait to work with serial killers and get into the FBI 🙂


  • May we know what college you go/went to? I'm currently having a hard time finding a school that offers it in Massachusetts :/

    This was really insightful and helpful, thank you!

  • This is what I'm currently going for!

  • I have always been fascinated with criminals and serial killers. I like documentaries and Based on true story movies. I want to be a Clinical Psychologist though

  • planning to minor in this and want to major is forensic anthropology

  • Hey great video! I'm a Psychology and Sociology double major and I'm starting to look at various options for grad school since I'm graduating in the Spring. Right now I'm leaning towards school counseling but I was also interested in Social Work.

  • l l

    omg lol i'm considering forensic psychology too because of criminal minds xD now idk…..

  • Find out why some of these facilities intentionally wake up certain inmates and constantly observe and monitor them. Make them blindly obedient and play white noise to their cell.

  • I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm want to get a doctorate degree in forensic psychologist only problem is I hate school

  • I first went to community college for business administration since I took a couple business classes in high school, but didn't really like it anymore. I am now thinking of pursuing a BA in Forensic Psychology. I know I really love psychology. Right now just looking at my options and in the meantime taking open courses on FutureLearn, one is of course Forensic Psychology and so far I like it.

  • Wow, nice video! I'm starting my first year of college this fall, and I'm going in as psych major. Planning to have a focus on forensics — any advice for going in as a psych major/college in general?

  • You are an idiot.

  • I definitely agree with you in the sense that it's better to get an undergraduate degree in something more general and then maybe figure out what you want to specialize in in graduate school. I think a lot of people who "know" what they want to do want to get started on it RIGHT AWAY (which I totally understand because I'm the same way), but having a Bachelor's in something more general gives you much more options in the future.

  • That is so interesting! I love hearing people talk about their different majors/interests. Hope you're doing well!

  • awesome video!

  • what does BA mean and what college do you go to ?

  • What college did you attend to get a forensic psychology degree

  • For someone who wants to be a forensic psychiatrist, would you recommend majoring in psychology along with criminal justice? I'd minor in it but my university only offers it as a major. Not sure if I should take on two majors because I'm looking to minor in Italian.

  • Hi dear! I WOULD like to ask you, like if i am an international student who graduated bechelor degree in major Law. Is it possible to study Master in forensic Psychology ? I am looking forward for your answer. Thank

  • It's so cool to hear people getting their majors in forensic psychology, you don't see many students with the same major!!

  • I wanna major in forensic psychology! I'm taking psychology in college and law so that for university I can take forensic.

  • im paralegal

  • i wanted to ask you that… much money can we earn from this field??is it too low or is highly paid????

  • can being a forensic or criminal phycologists be a side job or a second career?

  • Hey! Where are you now? Like what's going on with school and life with your degree?

  • I'm going into my final year of undergraduate and I want to go into the field of psychology. I'm already volunteering for a charity in court and I really enjoy it but I'm also interested in consumer psychology

  • Hey. Could I have your email address? I'm interested in Forensic Psych as well and really need some(alot) help! I have too many doubts and I really wish I could get to cleared up by someone Studying it!

  • I really want to major in this but I live in California and there's really only a few schools that offer this major that I like. Hopefully I can find one though.

  • I’m going to take Forensic Psychology in John Jay college, but I want to become a Homicide Detective.. :3

  • Researching a bunch of stuff to figure out whether I want to change my major from forensic psych to forensic science. I really wanna work with bodies 😳

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