Love (Human Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Love (Human Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Documentary exploring how the power of love transforms people’s lives for both good and bad. Age old themes – first love, love at first sight, true love, love is blind – are explored through several different and remarkable stories, told by the protagonists themselves. The stories are brought to life through unusual filmic imagery and until the last possible moment, the viewer has no idea which story has a happy or a sad ending. Each different story unfolds bit by bit, showing the many different twists and turns the course of true, or indeed, false, love can take. You are left to muse about how people can be so certain of their love and wonder at the remarkable choices people make in the name of love.

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May 12, 2017 / 49 Comments / by / in
  • what the fuck is the older bird thinking? she's absolutely deluded and not living in the realm of reality. and that Joanne is just a nutcase. she def has mental issues. and that princess is absolutely gorgeous, total stunner

  • Imagine being that guy on that tape, wanting to kill your wife and now she is the only one on his side… forever…
    what a sad story for everyone involved, specially for her and her family >_<

  • awwwwww so touching love

  • my friends told me that i didnt know how to love since i didnt let my ex gf come back and ruin my life again (she cheated on me).

  • Ghana Princess, I love your personality!! Your family is beautiful

  • Oh Wendy. What's the saying? There's no fool like an old fool. How could your sons let their precious children be with a grandparent who can't even see when she is in danger? To lose ones true family for a fool–what a loss.

  • The young English woman is very attractive
    It's to bad that idiot wasn't honest with her
    He lost alot

  • I understand that older woman
    My wife who is my ex now betrayed me after 24 years
    My trust is gone
    I do think she is being a fool

  • I believe David didn't want to kill her but he was so stupid I'd a divorced him anyway. I wouldn't want him in prison tho

  • And no wonder he loved the Princess Stephanie, and waited.Like a reverse yet happy fairy tail.

  • An undercover cop? Come on woman…..come on.

  • T S

    Stephanie is the epitome of a goddess. Lovely to look at and a seemingly nice personality. The older woman is delusional. It's very sad.

  • The Princess is sooo beautiful!!

  • Wing town chairman bend up mail

  • The princess and her hubby are such an amazing match. Beautiful

  • Man makes a tape telling another man to kill his wife any means possible
    'I knew that he would never, ever harm me'

    This is some next level delusion

  • What a brilliantly gripping and well-made documentary, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for posting.

  • The transitions between the scenes are traumatizing

  • Why do Americans think love is a feeling? Love is an action, a choice…

  • A commitment that should be taken more seriously

  • Stephanie was so gorgeous <3 Did not expect her story at all!

  • steffenie is very beautiful

  • Quite a good doc, i like the angle they took on love.

  • What is love?

  • Omg John's story though.

  • why can't I meet a beautiful princess? or even a daughter of a Dorset Publican?

  • could you imagine if a white man's family said that about a black woman, wow.

  • a

  • fffff

  • How could someone say things like that husband did on the tape, if they really loved that person? I don't really understand the excuse either….

  • how could u quit ur job for a guy without even having been to his place?

  • that whole black mail thing doesnt even make sense. how does being worried about getting blackmailed cause you to ask someone to kill your wife? if anything youd be really careful about everything you say.

  • I will be grateful for any tips from you about LOVE. Thank you!

  • I wouldn't be surprised if all the three stpries were atories of true love, with only one of them ending happily (at least in this video).
    The lady whose husband seemingly wanted her dead: I'd like to know more about the tape, and how it came to be. Not many details were shared about this. But there's a chance that he was really telling the truth, and she knew it, and it was all a messy misunderstanding that was easily judged the wrong way. Just saying! I believe they are really soulmates and there's true love between them. True love happens a lot in the world, but it frequently ends badly for the couple in love for so many different reasons, it's impossible to list. Rarely ends up great like the princess and the english man. When it comes to deep love, there's a push from within the soul that drives people to do things that no one can understand. This lady acts as she does towards her true love because of that. No one should judge these things so quickly. Also, I find strange that she left her family or her family deserted her. This is ridiculous! Where is the love then? Often we find ourselves lonely when we make decisions hard to understand or be accepted by others. So sorry for her, God bless her.
    The girl that was lied to, what if somehow he was telling the truth? He never treated her badly. I expected him to when she was going on with her story, but nothing of that came out. What irony it would be if he was trying to show her the truth and she didn't even listen to it. She admitted that if he said what she was expecting him to, she would marry him right away… But he didn't and she decided to drop the love she felt. Now has serious issues of trust. Of course it's perfectly understandable what she decided to do, but I was just wondering about what irony it would be if she got it all wrong after all… Life is not black or white. It has many shades of grey.
    The point of this whole text? Don't judge situations too quickly. There can be more than meets the eye, or from what we understand of life based on our own experience.

  • what a weird documentary. ive had a difficult time connecting the dots

  • Wawoo the princess and English man story is a fairly lovely love story

  • I'm so glad someone had a happy ending!!! The love for the princess is amazing!!! They are so adorable together!!! I love their children!!

  • Interesting I'm speechless

  • Stephanie is like princess jasmine in a whole new world.

  • I just cannot understand who can u love someone who has threatened to kill you and u still want to be with that killer ! It just bizzare & Crazy ……

  • Stephanie is so gorgeous 😍

  • Is the younger gal with the bob haircut mentally deficient? Undercover agent, "so undercover that I have to live with the druggies," brings his "fiancée" to live at the crack house?

  • Jons beard looks awful
    He looks like a puppet

  • I have a lot of qouestions unanswered ! This documentary is full of question marks!!

  • Both Stephie and Jon are glowing lovely faces <3

  • Wow that poor girl who was dating the "cop" she seems so sweet but naive 🙁

  • How did Wendy's sons get the tape ?

  • Is Joanne 1 of those re-enactment actresses or the actual 'Joanne'?

  • There was nothing psychological about this… and twilight was a better love story.

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