LIVE with Jordan Peterson: Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns

LIVE with Jordan Peterson: Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns

Jordan Peterson (psychology professor) joins Dave LIVE for a discussion about psychology, free speech, gender pronouns and more. Dave and Jordan will be taking questions live on Patreon and YouTube Superchat:


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Jordan Peterson

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May 5, 2017 / 26 Comments / by / in
  • In an infinite sea of stupidity, hearing someone like Jordan Peterson talk is so…. reassuring? I'm an educated man, but I'm so done with all kinds of "discussion" cause they're more about promoting your own ideology and dogma (even among the so called scientific/englightened left) than actual science and understanding.

  • Something created the religion, wouldn't that be the factor worth talking about? Religion is derived from human behaviour and society. Why are we talking about religion as if it's somehow the deciding factor on how humans or a society behaves. That a society doesn't tolerate it's members to be robbed, raped or killed is kinda basic for it's prosperity and for the individuals security. It doesn't mean that religion has to be involved. What's next, people started growing crops because of religion? People started trading because of religion? The birth of Law and order within societies became because of religion?

  • This is making me depressed…Time to clean my room.

  • 5dd

    Sorry, but no. Jordan Peterson is a smart guy and he has a lot of insightful things to say, but he is wrong with regards to the religion vs. science debate. I understand that many people (perhaps even most people) have invested a great deal of time and effort into religious philosophies. But just because a lot of people have invested a lot of time into a silly idea doesn't make it true. Ultimately, those of us who are capable of discerning true from false will live, reproduce, and carry-on, whereas those who are more inclined to believe in a bunch of nonsense will not.

  • wait dave Rubin does these in his house?? sketchy

  • Excellent!

  • The reason JBP doesn't get hate mail is because people know he would completely wreck their arguments and dismiss their insults, and perhaps display their foolishness for the public to see. So the only way to even battle him is to join a mob and hurl abuse when he can't respond to them as an individual. That's all they've got.

  • I cannot stand listening to people slurp and swallow their drinks and food. It literally makes my skin crawl, it makes me have a physical reaction or fuss at the person doing it. I wish the mic didn't pick that sound up.

  • Jordan is a mystic. Anti reason

  • Rare are the people that can make a 2 hour speech or a lecture seem like 5 minutes. Cherish those people. We need more of their type.

  • The thinking person's Jerry Seinfeld.

  • "I am a scientist"
    That made me laugh

    Psychology IS NOT SCIENCE!!!!!

  • Aww man, I love how PASSIONATE Jordan gets with every sentence he says! You can tell he really loves the essence of humanity and bringing people closer to themselves, to happiness. We, the internet society, have a duty to immortalize this person.

  • As much as i love listening to Peterson he is so far off the mark on religion. The values he talks about are the cornerstones of western society but thats in spite of religion not because of it.

    When was the last time an atheist or agnostic strapped explosives to themself and blew up 100s of people. Or covered up the systematic fucking of children by priests etc ?

  • It's quite fun coming on here and reading all of the triggered atheists and butt hurt Sam Harris cock riders complaining and strawmanning the crap out of Peterson. It's very entertaining.

  • Your intro is too fucking long.

  • "When apnihilist and atheists destroyed cultural Christianity, extremist muslims valued atheists forever."

  • Who is the guy that asked Peterson the question on alchemy and mercury? I really want to talk to him.

  • An intellectual Samurai. Mr. Peterson has his back against the wall. Let's back him up, guys! Contact him and let him know how you can help.

  • Is it me or does anyone else also keep staring at the fucking basketball

  • 246 people need to clean their rooms.

  • 1:11:11 "The meaning in your life is proportional to the responsibility that you take."

  • 'In the Soviet Union people lied about everything all the time to everyone including their family members'. Oh, really? Well… Every time Dr. Peterson goes to Soviet history topic he sounds like his main sources were some Cold War comic books, which creates huge contrast with everything else he says in his interviews, and this is truly embarassing and confusing. A shame.

  • I want to have Dr. Peterson tell me why I am interested in creators with male dominated audiences but my personality traits are much more similar to a typical female

  • dude wtf is jordan talking about. Am i just not smart enough or does this sound like a bunch of nonsense?

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