Workshop on Hand Writing Analysis:A Personality Assessment Tool

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Workshop on Hand Writing Analysis: A Personality

Assessment Tool


Since school days, most of us know a saying, “a pen in hand is mightier than a sword”. Few of us actually realize its importance indeed and even fewer practice it. One might wonder how important this is today.
Graphology is a study, related to human psychology and handwriting. Handwriting is not just a physical process of writing your thoughts and feelings on paper. It is what you consciously think, yet it motivated by the subconscious ideo-motor response reflecting your behaviour and personality traits. Simply, when an individual writes, the ideo-motor response in the form of letters get decoded on the paper through the fingers.
This certificate on “Graphology” aims at understanding and interpreting these signals through the writing. Using this art, we can know a person’s mind, so the thoughts, character and behaviour.


At the end of this certificate program, the participants will be able to;
• Understand the basic principles of graphology.
• Understand how the application of graphology can benefit professionals.
• Determine the writer’s level of confidence and self-esteem.
• Determine the writer’s energy level.
• Determine the writer’s suggestibility and sexuality.
• Determine the writer’s attitudes, interests and abilities.
• Determine a writer’s motivation level.
• Know the writer’s tendency towards over-thinking, exaggerated behaviour, fear etc.
• Understand the writer’s tendency towards criminal behaviour and suicidal ideation.
• State the significance of the writer’s signature.

Road Map:

This certificate course consists of the following 6 Modules;

Module 1:

This module will focus on;
• Introduction to graphology
• History of graphology
• Basic premises of handwriting
• The rules of handwriting
• What is the ideo-motor response?
• What is needed for samples?

Module 2:

This module focus on the importance of following aspects of handwriting;
• What are margins in handwriting and their importance?
• What are the indications of different letter zones?
• Basement slants and moods.
• The slant and expression of emotions.
• The pressure of handwriting and energy level.

Module 3:

This module will highlight the importance of;
• Spacing and its types
• The overall size of the handwriting
• Loops in handwriting and attitude
• The different use of capitals
• Form of the handwriting

Module 4:

This module will focus on the importance of strokes in the thinking process;
• Beginning strokes
• Ending strokes
• Connecting strokes
• Ovals

Module 5:

This module will enable the participants on how to assess;
• The sexuality of the writer
• The suggestibility of the writer
• Personalities (frustrated, fearful, dishonesty)

Module 6:

This module will enable the participants interpreting the signatures;
• Signatures and letter body
• First, middle and last name in signatures
• Signature and side of the page
• Size and slant of the signature
• Underscore and overscore in signatures


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