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Word Completion Task (Craig A. Anderson, English)

The first use of these materials was in a set of studies on the effects of brief exposure to violent video games on a variety of aggression-related variables. It was also used in several music lyric studies. Both articles are referenced below. Researchers may use these materials free of charge for research purposes, with proper citation to one of the references listed below.

Most of the 98-word fragments in this list have several possible correct completions. Fifty of the fragments can yield words that are clearly aggression-related. There may be aggressive completions possible for some of the remaining 48 fragments, but we have not found any yet.

There are several ways to administer the Word Completion Task. For example, in one of our studies participants were told that they were looking at a list of words with letters missing and that their task was to fill in the blanks to make complete words. Participants were given three minutes to complete as much of the word task as they could. Participant responses were coded into the following categories: aggressive words, neutral words, ambiguous words, and non-words.

One could give participants more time, less time, or an unlimited amount of time to work on the task. This task could easily be computerized so that the researcher could control how long each word fragment appears on the screen before moving on to the next word.

Scoring can also be done in a variety of ways. The next few pages list completions that our participants have created, coded into the following four categories: neutral, ambiguous, aggressive, and non-words. The final pages list the word fragments in two duplicate columns. We simply cut each sheet in half after printing these stimuli to create two narrow “booklets” from each 8 1/2″ x 11″ set of pages. This conserves paper and printing costs.

Word Completion Task (Craig A. Anderson, English)

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