Why Did Michael Turn GOOD? | Psychology of “The Good Place”
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Why Did Michael Turn GOOD? | Psychology of “The Good Place”

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The reasons aren’t Chidi’s moral philosophy lessons.

For those who haven’t seen (and you should), The Good Place is a fantastically funny and well-written show about moral philosophy, what happens when we die, and how frozen yogurt is deliciously mediocre. As the show evolves, Michael, the show’s original source of narrative conflict, makes a stunning change of heart. Many have chalked this up to be the result of lessons delivered by the show’s resident moral philosopher Chidi– but I think that the reason has less to do with philosophy and more to do with psychology. Specifically, the psychology of propinquity.

It can also explain why Jason and Tahani have been hookng up which is somehow weirder than Jason marrying Janet, IMHO.



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