Trait Well-Being Inventory Urdu

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Trait Well-Being Inventory Urdu

Trait well-being was assessed with Trait Well-being Inventory (Dalbert, 1992). The inventory measures cognitive and evaluative aspects of subjective well-being and consists of the Life Satisfaction Scale (seven items) and Mood Level Scale (six items). Internal reliability of Life Satisfaction Scale has been reported as α = .87, and of Mood Level Scale as α = .83 (with a heterogeneous sample of adults, N = 1101). The two-factor structure of the inventory was proved by means of latent structural equation modelling (Dalbert, 1992). Each item is to be rated on 6-point Likert-type rating scale, giving the score of 6 to ‘strongly agree’, 5 to ‘agree’, 4 to ‘slightly agree’, 3 to ‘slightly disagree’, 2 to ‘disagree’, and 1 to ‘strongly disagree’.

The Urdu version of Trait Well-being Inventory (Fatima, 2004) was used in the present study. Reported alpha reliability of Life Satisfaction Scale was .89 and of Mood level scale was .74 (Fatima, 2004). Scale scores were obtained by averaging the scores across the items for each individual. Two negatively stated items of mood level scale were reverse-scored before calculating the scale score for mood level. Possible scale scores range from 1 to 6 with high scores meaning high endorsement of the construct.

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