The dynamic nature of good people

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The dynamic nature of good people

What does it mean to be good for us to go any further in our discussions we should first clearly define what our terminology means? Words have different definitions in different cultures and it’s somewhat related to the theory of relativism. when I say how to be a good person I mean how to be a better person, to know how to become a better person you should first understand what it means to be better what does it mean to be good and what does it mean to be a person.

When it comes to the majority of the population, most of the time they are not able to define terms. I’m not talking about the difficult or rarely used words, I am talking about words that are used by them in that their daily lives. a good example of such behaviour being exhibited would be that of the word shame, most people use this word quite often, yet if they are asked what it means, one would be astonished to find out many them do not understand what it means?

Now let me ask you a question what does shame mean. like many of the others, I am quite sure that you would be one of the people would not be able to define the word shame. shame is fear, what kind of fear, it is the fear one holds from society. For you to understand it, you would have to imagine a situation, a person living in Pakistan would be ashamed to hold the hand of a lady while walking, even if the lady is his wife or his sister or even his mother. the same person would not be ashamed to hold the hand of a girl while walking in any other European country. this is due to the fact that acceptance of the phenomena for walking next to a girl while holding hand is a positive norm in Europe while it is a negative norm in Pakistan.

To sum up, what I am trying to implicate here is that there is no entirety to good or bad people in this world. At least not in the absolute sense. In fact, there are people who are good to us whom we call good people and there are people whom we call bad or evil just because they are not doing what we seek of them or they are harmful to us. I am not here to judge anyone, I am here only but to humbly tell that all you have to be a good person is that you have to be good to people. Do virtues and goodness will follow to the ends of the world.


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