The Affective Style Questionnaire

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The Affective Style Questionnaire (Stefan G. Hofmann, English)

Our objective was to develop a short, reliable, and valid measure of affective style. Based on a thorough review of the emotion and clinical literature, a large pool of items was generated. Using two large samples of college students at separate universities, we were able to create a 20-item scale consisting of 3 subscales: Concealing, Adjusting and Tolerating affect. Given the brevity of the measure, the scale shows excellent psychometric properties. The sub-scales map onto existing measures of emotion regulation and also include additional facets of affective style.

An important limitation of the study is the sole reliance on undergraduate student samples. Therefore, it is not possible to make generalizations to other samples, such as adults with evidence of effective emotion regulation (e.g., military leaders, parents balancing work and family life), and clinical populations. We suggest that future studies validate the instrument in clinical populations with affective disorders, such as mood and anxiety disorders and personality disorders characterized by emotion regulation disturbances. Furthermore, it will be important to study changes in affective style during the course of treatment and to examine whether a particular affective style predicts treatment response. We hypothesize that concealing affect and a general inflexibility in adjusting one’s affective style to the situational demands are particularly maladaptive strategies for coping with negative affect. Future studies will further need to examine the temporal stability of the measure.

Finally, although we found evidence for the separability of each affective style, we did not evaluate whether the ASQ subscales differentially predict how people respond to aversive and rewarding events in the laboratory and naturalistic environments. It will be important to employ multi-method assessments and investigate the temporal course of how people regulate their emotions in future research. Despite the limitations of our two initial studies, this measure may become a potentially useful tool in basic and clinical research.

The Affective Style Questionnaire (Stefan G. Hofmann, English)

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