Social Competence Scale for Adolescents (SCSA): Development and validation within cultural perspective

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Social Competence Scale for Adolescents (SCSA): Development and validation within the cultural perspective

The current study was conducted to develop a valid and reliable indigenous scale to measure social competence in adolescents. Keeping the cultural specificity of social competence in view, focus groups were conducted with teachers, expert psychologists, and parents. After careful scrutiny of constructs generated through this practice, researchers identified common sub-constructs covering social competence to the optimal extent which included conflict management, individuality, self-efficacy, social adaptability, resolving identity crisis, acceptance of social norm. Similarly, behaviours were generated through separate focus groups conducted with school and college teachers, parents, and adolescents. The verbatim obtained from each focus group was transcribed and after eliminating repeated, culturally irrelevant, and age-wise inappropriate behaviours, 73 behaviours were finalized. These were, then, transformed into statements and drafted using response format Never (1), Sometimes (2), Often (3) and Always (4). Psychometric properties were determined by administering finalized items pool on conveniently drawn sample (N = 398) from four cites of Punjab. Principle component factor analysis with varimax rotation, provided six exclusive factors i.e., self-efficacy, sociability, adaptability, leadership, self-confidence and social initiative. Some of them were consistent with empirically generated constructs while others had theoretical relevance. The final scale contained 53 items with statistically derived six exclusive factors with recommended alpha coefficient ranges (.60-.87) (Peterson, 1994), significant inter-correlations of sub-scales with overall social competence, and among sub-scales. These factors have been discussed in terms of the significance of the scale and its cultural relevance.

Keywords: Social competence, cultural specificity, theoretical relevance, adolescents

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