Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank

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Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank (Julian B. Rotter, English)


The Rotters incomplete sentence blank is an attempt to standardize the sentence completion method for the use at the college level. Forty stems are completed by the subject. These completions are then scored by comparing them against typical items in empirically derived scoring manuals for men and women and by assigning to each response a scale value from 0to6. The total score is an index of maladjustment


The sentence completion method of studying personality is a semi-structured projective technique in which the subject is asked to finish a sentence for which the first word or words are supplied. As in other projective devices, it is assumed that the subject reflects his own wishes, desires, fears, and attitudes in the sentences he makes.

Historically, the incomplete sentence method is related most closely to the word association test. In some test incomplete sentences tests only a single word or brief response is called for; the major differences appear to be in the length of the stimulus. In the sentence completion tests, tendencies to block and to twist the meaning of the stimulus words appear and the responses may be categorized in a somewhat similar fashion to the word association method.

DEVELOPMENT OF Incomplete Sentences Blank

The Incomplete Sentence Blank consists of forty items revised from a form used by Rotter and Willermann (11) in the army. This form was, in turn, a revision of blanks used by Shor (15), Hutt (5), and Holzberg (4) at the Mason General Hospital.

In the development of the ISB, two objectives were kept in mind. One aim was to provide a technique which could be used objectively for screening and experimental purposes. It was felt that this technique should have at least some of the advantages of projective methods, and also be economical from the point of view of administration and scoring. A second goal was to obtain information on a rather specific diagnostic value for treatment purposes.

Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank (Julian B. Rotter, English)

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