Power: Creation or Destruction Peshawar, Pakistan
Posted on March 10, 2018 / 254

Power has always been the center  of all mens desire. It  is infact what gives man the ability to do things. The more  power someone has the more likely he is in control of his environment. It is only natural for someone to seek power, as more power indicates more of everything. That is more respect, more prestige, more wealth and so on.

 Does power hold  so much importance for everyone?. The answer to this question actually  depends on who the question is directed to. People who are dominant i.e those  who like to be in control of others  might find  power to be the solution for all there problems. These  dominant people  might like giving  orders but they certainly don’t like taking any orders. This is because  power is overwhelming in people with authoritative personalities. This can intern be very dangerous because  these people will be rebellious  to all others, whether  its a system or a person. They simply want the world to do what they feel like they should  be doing. 

Looking to other side. People who are submissive are not so concerned with power. Infact these people might ignore it. This behaviour might be good and bad. Its good because it allows them to be less rebellious so that the systems they live in can be stable. Its dangerous or  bad because they might allow the wrong people to stay in power. 


A well off solution to make power be used  in virtues is to make sure it doesn’t end up all in a single persons hand. This is why  the democratic system of governance has received so much recognition by different  nations. The answer  towards a stable future lies after all in  basic human morality i.e sharing  is caring.

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