Positive state of Mind Scale

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The positive state of Mind Scale

The positive States of mind were measured using the Positive States of Mind (PSOM) scale, a six-item scale measuring positive emotional and cognitive experiences (Horowitz et al. 1988; Adler et al. 1998). It assesses experiences of focused attention, productivity, responsible caretaking, restful repose, sharing, and sensuous nonsexual pleasure during the past week e.g. Being able to enjoy bodily senses, enjoyable intellectual activity, doing things you ordinarily like, such as listening to music, enjoying the outdoors, lounging in a hot bath. Responses are indicated on 5-point Likert-type scales from 1 not at allto 5very much. Cronbachs alpha in this study was 0.86. The scale was normally distributed and the mean valued slightly higher than the mean values reported for the US (Horowitz et al. 1988).


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