Occupational Role Questionnaire Urdu

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Occupational Role Questionnaire Urdu

Occupational Roles Questionnaire (ORQ) portion of the Occupational Stress Inventory-Revised (OSI-R). The current version of the OSI-R is appropriate for ages 18 years and older and provides normative data for both gender and specific occupational categories (i.e., executive, professional, technical, administrative support, etc.) which is comparable to the sample population. The ORQ consists of six scales, with ten items per scale, including role overload (RO), role insufficiency (RI), role ambiguity (RA), role boundary (RB), responsibility (R), and physical environment (PE). According to Osipow (1998) these six scales are based upon McLean’s (1975) set of six occupational stressors. Because URAs are unlikely employed in extreme physical environments in their university setting or teaching hospital, the sixth scale was not utilized. The generic profile form was used and compared with the T scores of the total normative sample since the internal consistency analysis was conducted with the normative sample. Utilizing a Likert scale, items provided respondents with the ability to rank statements as follows from 1) rarely or never true, 2) occasionally true, 3) often true, 4) usually true, to 5) true most of the time (Osipow, 1998).



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