National Conference on Promoting Tolerance and Wellbeing: Emerging Trends, Challenges and Implications for Research Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
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Location : Rawalpindi
Institution : Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
Organizer : Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
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National Conference on Promoting Tolerance and Wellbeing: Emerging Trends, C

hallenges and Implications for Research



19th – 21st January 2018



Call for abstracts

09 November 2017

Abstract submissions deadline

08th January 2018

Abstract Notification

10th January 2018

Call for Registration

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The Department of Behavioural Sciences, Fatima Jinnah Women University, is pleased to announce Three Day National

Conference on Promoting Tolerance and Wellbeing: Emerging trends, challenges and implications for research) in

collaboration with Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. The conference is funded by the Higher Education

Commission’s Thematic Research Grant’s Project titled: Promoting tolerance through education: Implementing three

week instructional unit for attitudinal change among higher secondary school students of Rawalpindi under subtheme:

National Security and Foreign Policy led by Dr. Sajida Naz (Principle Investigator) and Dr. Iram Gul (Co- Principle Investigator).

The theme underlying conference is based on fact that Pakistan has been exposed to various internal and external

security threats which have not only restricted lives but has also affected the mental wellbeing in general and specifically

in youth. In this context, literature suggests that public education system is the most effective way to assess and alter

perceptions of individuals about their intra and interrelationships in the society. Keeping in view the need for research

in this area, this three day conference will be an ideal opportunity for the researchers, educationists and young scholars

to present their papers / scholarly work. It would also contribute towards understanding factors leading to growing intolerance

in the society and reflecting on educational strategies that can enhance positive thinking and tolerance particularly among

young adults who comprise a large proportion of our population.

Specifically, this conference aims at a) Enhancing knowledge and expertise about promoting tolerance and wellbeing in

the Pakistani society, b) spreading awareness about importance of tolerance in everyday behaviour / life and c) initiating

multi-level dialogue among teachers, educators, intellectuals, scholars, psychologists and students on promoting tolerance

and well-being.


Format of the Conference

This will be a 3 day conference comprising of a key note and invited lectures/ speakers/ panel discussions and a workshop.

The updated program of the conference will be uploaded shortly.


Main theme of this conference is 

Promoting Tolerance and Wellbeing: Emerging trends, challenges and implications for research. 

There are following sub-themes, however we encourage and welcome submissions from any area of Behavioural Sciences:

  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing
  2. Peace Psychology
  3. Positive Psychology
  4. Educational Psychology
  5. Security Threats and Intolerance
  6. Media and Peace Discourse
  7. Extremism and Radicalization
  8. Human Behaviour and Society
  9. Prejudices, Discrimination and Tolerance
  10. Ethics and Moral Behaviour
  11. Socially Responsible Behaviour and Self Awareness
  12. Counselling and Mental Health Needs of Students
  13. Role of Education in Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing
  14. Conflict Management
  15. Current Landscape of Terrorism


Students:                                                                     Rs. 500/-
FJWU Faculty:                                                           Rs. 1000/-
Faculty members outside university:                          Rs. 1500/-


Contact Information

E-mail addresses: ,

Department of Behavioral Sciences, Fatima Jinnah Women University, The Mall, Rawalpindi.


The conference aims to attract Academics, Researchers, Eminent Scholars, Policy Makers and Professionals from public and

private sector, institutes and universities.  

Project Team Members:

  1. Dr. Sajida Naz
  2. Dr. Iram Gul
  3. Dr. Aneela Maqsood
  4. Dr. Ghulam Behlol

Funding agency: Higher Education Commission 
Duration: Duration of conference would be of 03 days.
Venue: Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi


Conference Organizers

Conference Coordinator

Dr. Sajida Naz
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Behavioral Sciences.


Dr. Iram Gul
Assistant Professor,
Department of Behavioral Sciences.

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