Maslach Burnout Inventory (English)

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Maslach Burnout Inventory (English)

Manual 4th Edition

by Christina Maslach, Susan E. Jackson, and Michael P. Leiter
Copyright © 1996-2016 by Christina Maslach, Michael P. Leiter, & Susan E. Jackson

Includes details on administration, scoring, and interpretation, etc., plus a review-only copy of the instrument. In order to reproduce/administer the MBI, you must purchase. Click here 

All right reserved by Mind Garden Inc

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    • Overview of the Maslach Burnout Inventory
    • Burnout Definition
    • Versions of the MBI
    • The MBI and Areas of Worklife Survey (AWS)
    • Translations
    • Psychometric Properties of the MBI
    • Administering the MBI
    • Scoring and Interpreting the MBI
    • Future Directions for Burnout Research
    • Burnout and the Brain
    • Burnout and Health
    • Burnout’s Consequences for Other People
    • Preventing and Alleviating Burnout and Its Negative Consequences
    • Burnout Profiles as a New Approach to Using MBI Scale Scores
    • Longitudinal Research Designs
    • Burnout Around the World
    • Conclusion

The MBI – Human Services Survey: MBI-HSS

    • Introduction
    • Development of the MBI-HSS
    • Uses of the MBI-HSS
    • Scales of the MBI-HSS
    • Psychometric Properties of the MBI-HSS
    • Administering the MBI-HSS
    • Scoring the MBI-HSS
    • Interpreting the MBI-HSS Scale Scores
    • The MBI for Medical Personnel: MBI-HSS (MP)
    • Psychometric Properties of the MBI-HSS (MP)
    • Administering the MBI-HSS (MP)
    • Scoring the MBI-HSS (MP)
    • Interpreting the MBI-HSS (MP) Scale Scores

The MBI for Educators: MBI-ES

    • Introduction
    • Development of the MBI-ES
    • Uses of the MBI-ES
    • Scales of the MBI-ES
    • Psychometric Properties of the MBI-ES
    • Reliability of the MBI-ES
    • The validity of the MBI-ES
    • Administering the MBI-ES
    • Scoring the MBI-ES
    • Interpreting the MBI-ES Scale Scores

The MBI General Survey: MBI-GS

    • Introduction
    • Development of the MBI-GS
    • Uses of the MBI-GS
    • Scales of the MBI-GS
    • Psychometric Properties of the MBI-GS
    • Relationships Among the MBI-GS Scales
    • Reliability of the MBI-GS
    • The validity of the MBI-GS
    • Administering the MBI-GS
    • Scoring the MBI-GS
    • Interpreting the MBI-GS Scale Scores


    • Appendix 1. Review Copy: MBI Human Services Survey
    • Appendix 2: Review Copy: MBI-HSS for Medical Personnel
    • Appendix 3: Review Copy: MBI for Educators Survey
    • Appendix 4: Review Copy: MBI-General Survey
    • Appendix 5: Review Copy: MBI-General Survey for Students
    • Appendix 6: Frequently Asked Questions
      • Which MBI form should I use?
      • What is the relationship between the MBI scales?
      • Why isn’t there a single burnout score, or can I just use the Emotional Exhaustion scale?
      • Can I use cut-scores to identify a state of burnout?
      • Why do I need to look at the person’s life context and not just their burnout level?
      • How can burnout be prevented or reduced?

Page Count: 75

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