Introduction to Psychology Course PSY101

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Introduction to Psychology Course PSY101

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Dr. Sarah Shahed
Ph .D in Psychology
The University of Punjab

Course Content

Introduction to Psychology, Historical Roots of Modern Psychology, Schools of Thought, Perspective/Model/Approach, Psychodynamic Approach/ Model, Behavioral Approach, The Humanistic Approach and the Cognitive Approach, Research Methods in Psychology, Physical Development and Nature Nurture, Cognitive Development, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Sensation, Hearing (Audition) and Balance, Perception, Altered States of Consciousness, Learning, Operant Conditioning, Cognitive Approach, Memory,Secondary/ learnt/Psychological motives, Emotions, Cognition and Thinking, Thinking, Reasoning, Problem- Solving and Creativity, Personality, Intelligence, Psychopathology, Abnormal Behavior, Psychotherapy, Popular Areas of Psychology, Health Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Sport Psychology, Forensic Psychology

Course Synopsis

This course will give you an opportunity to flavor the field of psychology and this introductory course encompasses basic concepts of psychology; concepts like learning, memorizing, retention, emotions and process of thinking will be discussed. Issues like what is normal and what is abnormal behavior, the interventions used for treating psychological problems, along with an overview of main and popular areas of psychology will also be tackled. The main focus of the course will be on introducing essential terminology, theories, themes, concepts and trends relevant to modern day psychology. Practical application of knowledge, besides know-how of theoretical constructs, will be encouraged. How to relate learned psychological concepts to every day life is an essential component of this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course; you should be able to:

  • Explain and use basic terminologies of psychology.
  • Describe and identify the various applications of the discipline as well as its scientific nature.
  • Identify situations where psychological intervention may be required.
  • Choose areas of their interest for higher academic qualification in future.
  • Gain insight into human behavior and into ones own personality or personal relationships.

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