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It’s my first blog and I wanted to share my experience with psychology roots. Actually today was my first session with my psychologist and from him, I taught many more things the basic thing which I learn from is:


What will you learn from my blog?

  • Identify yourself “who you are”?
  • How to overcome your problems

So its time to start a blog

Identify who you are?

Before the identification, you have to be cool and calm in every situation don’t be aggressive. In this world, many kinds of human beings are present and they all have different thoughts and different views mostly peoples are also different in nature. If wants to identify your self you have to identify your first priority your goals and aim of your life….hmm

If you were happy what’s the reason behind it and if you were sad what’s the reason behind it. Make your self kind and cool. Because people want to interact with those people who r cool and kind. Be courageous if you find your self positive in every situation, you will succeed but if you think negatively then on this point you are destroying your life. Because in this world on some point you have to ignore the matters which hurts you and if you once ignore the things which make you feel bad, believe me, you will become a part of a good community.

An amazing writer Sheila Murray Bethel said:

one of the most courageous things you can do is identify your self  know who you are and what you are, what you believe in and where you wants go.

How to overcome your problems?:

As you all know problems are the parts of life but it depends upon us how to handle our problems. All peoples have different problems and if they r unable to overcome their problems they start hating their selves and consider their self as a failure.

First, you have to know the things what is real and what is fake in your life. When you finally know the things you have to know which thing {real or fake} makes or creates a problem with you. Mostly fake things seem good but after sometimes these things create a mess in your life. In the start, real things are harsh and tough but in the end, it makes your life easy and better. The last thing never depends on others because if you once expect the good things or good behave with others they start interrupting in your life.

Be real and be your self is better to control or overcome your problems. when you have learnt something in your life you will be guided by what you have learnt. If you are unwilling to learn then your reaction will be the same and you will blame others whatever happens to you. Learning and what you know will expand your own self-development.

Hope you like my blog it is my first time to share my view with psychology roots. It’s really amazing for me am really thankful to MUHAMMAD AAMIR (Clinical Psychologist), who encourages me to do something new he gives me the sunshine when I am in darkness.

stay happy and blessed beautiful people or readers. we will meet soon with my another blog. 


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