How to Control Emotions

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How to Control Emotions

Hello, everyone!

RIDZZY here. Hope, so you all r rocking at your home and all r safe. Guys today am here to discuss another topic of the blog, and as you all read the title, which is all about emotions. Emotions play a significant role in life. If there are no emotions in your life, you are not a good human being. Being a part of humanity, you all have to be emotion on some points. But being so the feeling is also harmful to your life and yourself as well, guys, I don’t know why some people are so careless about their behaviors that they don’t see how they hurt others. They played with the emotions of others anyhow let’s move on the topic.


1.1 what are emotions?

1.2 why we r so emotional in some situations?

1.3 why some people are not emotional?

1.4 Advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence

1.5 How to control your emotions?

What are Emotions?

Emotions are physiological states associated with the nervous system brought on by neurophysiological changes variously related to thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure. Emotions are the feelings that you cannot touch; you can only express them by your behavior. Emotions are like birds when they free to fly everyone tries to haunt them, but when you start controlling them or be the bird, which is mostly live at his edge so then, you can easily prevent yourself from haunters.

Why are we so Emotional in some Situations?

In some situations, we are unable to control our emotions. For example, when we hear that our someone particular person is no more, then we supposed our position in an unpretentious mood. When we r in an emotional feeling, we need a person to talk. We want to share our issues or problems with someone, but when that person ignores us, this one moment is emotional. On the other hand when a particular person in our life is dying, and we listen that they are no more, these moments really hurt us and sometimes these moments make us broken, but now we need to know to recover from all this situation.

Why are some people, not Emotional?

The practical people are not emotional, but sometimes when we get realistic, we think everything is useful. We become a part of Lil’s hardness. Sometimes, becoming hard is good for us, but sometimes it’s hard for others because the people who r emotionally attached to us. Our parent’s siblings and friends hurt by our behavior. So be emotional but in limits. PRACTICAL PEOPLE ARE NOT EMOTIONAL MOSTLY.

Advantages and disadvantages of  “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.”

Here are some advantages of emotional intelligence:

  1. you can improve relationships with others
  2. maintains control
  3. lowers stress level
  4. maintains motivation 
  5. enables excellent communication and an ability to influence others without conflict.
  6. enhance reputation within them the team and the organization

Here are the disadvantages of emotional intelligence:

  1. Cannot always be learned
  2. Is sometimes dismissed as being just another management fad
  3. Sometimes you lost your identity when you become more emotional 

How to control your emotions:

First of all, you have to observe which thing disturbs you emotionally as well as physically. Then you can easily find the solution, and you can quickly come over on your emotions, let it all see what stays, never regret your self, never blame your person trying to understand the situation, what is going on, and how you can efficiently resolve all this. If you have the solution for your every problem then you don’t need to depend on other because when you depend on people, you get emotionally attached with them, so you have to be a one but be the best try to give our best at the end you will never get emotional this is the primary way to control emotion. Being emotional is good, but over-emotional is harmful to you and for others as well. So do your every work but in limits stay happy and calm.


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