How can you start learning Psychology?

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How can you start learning Psychology?

Psychology is a scientific study of behaviour and mental process. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the field of Psychology includes 56 different sub-field. For a list of Sub-Field click here

So when we talk about learning, first need to select what we wish to learn. here I make the category of learner that help you understand where you stand and what is better for you.


A Person who move towards improvement. So first you need to look at what type of improvement you want?

Learner Categories 

  • New skills
  • Enhanced skills
  • Others

In the above mention categories, we all are in any one or two of them. New skills point out those learners who always try to learn new things. Such as before he/she is the Computer science field and then try to learn about chemistry. So, most of the people come to psychology after observing and searching for the clinical issue or understand behaviour. Enhanced Skills project on those learners who already in a field but want to get more skill on that field. For example, a person who already studies psychology learn more about and in details about psychology. Theses type of person is passionate about his/her field. Others type of learners all those who are other than above two categories.

How can you learn Psychology

As we see above about learner type and understand where we stand currently. Now we discuss how can we learn

  • Start Point for new skill learner

As we discussed earlier, New skill learner always tries to learn new thing in a general way, not in details. So more important for new skill learner to read the following subject of psychology:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • History & Systems of Psychology
  • Psychology in the modern world

If they wish to learn more specific about any sub-field of psychology than

  • Introduction to psychology
  • specific domain (such as clinical than reading about book related to clinical but in a general way)

Note: These type don’t try to become master because for this need lot of practice and supervision.

  • Start Point for Enhanced skill learner

You are a psychology student, professional are include and want to study more about psychology. So here i provide example related to Clinical Psychologist.

  • Clinical psychology update knowledge (try to read the latest knowledge)
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for disorders (DSM)
  • Read the latest article on treatment and therapies

More I suggest you study one by one disorder in details because it makes easy to enhance your knowledge. Must watch videos on these topics.

Note: Psychology Roots also make a collection for you on your demand, you can download or upload anything related to psychology free. Click here

  • Start Point for another skill learner

These type of learner use only video related to psychology.

Hope this article helps you to start learning about psychology. If you have any question feel free to ask.


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