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HI…You yes you are thinking that you are healthy and fit. May be or may not be.Because some people are just fat but they are not healthy so the point is how can you find you are healthy or not? So firstly you need to notice that when you are walking fast your breathing rate is increase than the normal rate. It’s the main clue to check that you are fit or healthy. The question is how can you fit and healthy. By doing exercise or some kind of physical training. Eat healthy food like vegetables meat or fish also add milk yogurt and some other dairy products in daily routine. Fast Food makes your body fat and it lowers your original energy but still, peoples mostly prefer fast food.

Advantages of Health and Fitness

Advantages of eating healthy food:

1.less risk of diseases.

2.strong and healthy bones.

3.heart attack preventions can easily lose your weight

People want to live a healthy life and for this sometimes they start taking supplements which are not good. For the time being supplements makes a person satisfied but when you leave them. These supplements start to show their side effects. So natural things or food are much better than other supplements. Try to eat healthily do exercise daily and these things make your life easy and happy.

Kind of Fitness

There are two kinds of fitness:

1.Physical fitness

2.Mental fitness

Both fitness directly proportional to each other if you are not physically well you will not be able to use your brain properly. On the other hand, if you are not mentally fit you are unable to use your body in any task.

so you should need to pay attention to your physical and mental fitness. In some situations our brain stops working do you think why it happen?… is just because you are not physically good. So try to make your life healthy. If you are healthy you are always in a good mood. The main thing for a healthy life is to sleep before eleven at night and get up early in the morning. Mostly doctors said for good health you should need to sleep for six to seven hours.

there is some nutritionist who recommends that eat one egg daily and use 50% protein in a day. It makes your muscles strong. Use the food which has a good quantity of vitamin and proteins as well. some peoples use alcohol and other beverages which not good for their health it damages their lungs and other body try to use alcohol-free products. As we all know good nutrition is leading a healthy lifestyle.



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