General Teaching Competence Scale

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General Teaching Competence Scale

There currently is an abundant knowledge-base to inform us that in schools teachers play a critical role in student learning and achievement. Research reveals that how teachers instruct and these interactions with students is the cornerstone around which to build effective schools. A summary of the available studies accumulated over the past 40 years on a key education driver, teacher competencies offers practical strategies, practices, and rules to guide teachers in ways to improve instruction that improves student performance and the quality of the work experience. Four groupings of these competencies can help organize and simply for teachers what they need to master to maximize their performance: classroom management, instructional delivery, formative assessment, and personal competencies. These four categories also provide the essential core around which decision-makers can construct teacher preparation, teacher hiring, teacher development, and teacher and school evaluations.

Knowledge of Students and Their Development

  • Understands and appreciates diversity
  • Forms constructive relationships with students
  • Connects students’ prior learning, life experiences, and interests with learning goals
  • Uses a variety of instructional strategies and resources to respond to students’ diverse needs
  • Facilitates learning experiences that promote autonomy, interaction and choice
  • Engages students in problem-solving, critical thinking and other activities that make subject matter meaningful

Creates an Effective Learning Environment

  • Establishes a climate that promotes fairness and students
  • Establishes a collaborative learning environment
  • Creates a physical environment that engages all students
  • Plans and implements classroom procedures and routines that support student learning
  • Uses instructional time effectively

Understands Subject Matter

  • Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter content and skills
  • Interrelates ideas and information within and across subject matter areas
  • Uses instructional strategies that are appropriate to the subject matter
  • Uses materials, resources, and technologies to provide meaningful learning

Plans and Designs Appropriate Learning Experiences

  • Establishes goals for student learning
  • Develops and sequences instructional activities for student learning
  • Modifies instructional plans to meet the needs of all students
  • Uses resources to meet the needs of the student

Uses On-going Assessment to Monitor Student Learning

  • Communicates learning goals to students
  • Collects and uses multiple sources of information to assess learning
  • Assists students in assessing their own learning
  • Maintains up-to-date records a analyzes data
  • Communicates with students and families about student progress

Develops Professional Practice

  • Reflects on teaching practice to extend knowledge and skills
  • Establishes goals for professional development
  • Meets the responsibilities of a professional educator
  • Works with families in supporting student learning
  • Maintains positive relationships with other professionals
  • Works with colleagues to improve professional practice
  • Adapted from UMN-SFPS Teacher Standards and Competencies

Above text Reference: Teacher Competencies and Teacher Competencies

General Teaching Competence Scale (English)



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