Gender Issues in Psychology Course PSY 512

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Gender Issues in Psychology Course PSY 512

Course Details

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PSY101, PSY403, PSY502, SOC101


Dr. Sarah Shahed
Ph.D in Psychology
The University of Punjab

Course Content

Introduction and Historical Background of gender issues in Psychology, Historical Background: Feminist & Women’s Suffrage Movement, Gender-related research, Research methods for gender issues, Biological differences between genders, Theories of gender development and other approaches, Gender typing and stereotyping, Gender stereotypes, Developmental stages of gender stereotypes, Cultural influence and gender roles, Development of gender role identification, Gender differences in personality, Cognitive differences, Gender and media, Gender: Emotion and motivation, Gender and education, Gender, work and women’s empowerment, Gender, work & related issues, Gender and violence, Gender and health, Gender, health and aging, Gender and health promoting behaviours, Gender and heart disease, Gender and cancer, Gender and HIV/Aids, Problems associated with females’ reproductive health, Obesity and weight control, Gender and psychopathology, Feminist therapy, New avenues for research in gender issues

Course Synopsis

This course has a multi-disciplinary approach. It borrows and benefit from the knowledge and research evidence available in psychology as well as other disciplines. The primary focus of the course is gender issues. However psychology of women will be touched upon more than issues specific to the psychology of men alone. It gives an understanding of the difference between gender and sex and a new approach to understanding human behavior and mental processes. It is added with flavor of the scope and content of study in other popular disciplines of the day, like gender studies or women studies. We will also discuss gender relations in the society that will help you to have an awareness of abilities, capacities, psychological make up and problems of women and research methods employed to study these. Another important point is to familiarize students with the social and political background of gender differences and the gender issues.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand and use gender- related vocabulary commonly used nowadays
  • Explain the difference between gender and sex.
  • Describe and explain human behavior and mental processes from the gender perspective.
  • Discuss gender differences and similarities in terms of abilities, capacities, psychological make up and problems with special emphasis on women’s issues.
  • Apply new approach to understanding human behavior and mental processes.
  • Design and conduct small research projects on the impact of socio-cultural and psychological factors on the gender roles and the status of gender in a given society.
  • Compose and understand; how to practice gender relations in the society.

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