Five Common error and mistake in research

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Common error and mistake in research

A scientific method which focuses specific problem in the detailed and careful way called research. According to the definition, research involves in daily life and play a vital role in our life. When we talk about research in psychology than it helps us to learn and understand human behaviour. The main element of psychological research is:

  1. How an individual think
  2. How an individual feel
  3. How and individually behave

In simple words, psychological research involves understanding, explaining and measuring human behaviour.

Here we discuss some common errors:

  1. Research Biasedness

Researcher mostly before concluded about the result in mind so they only select those sample who related to his/her expectation.

  1. Purpose of Research

University students and few professional only conduct research for degree completion, so they never focus on the real problem. Most of the time these researches rejected by the journal to publish.

  1. Knowledge

Research is a broad field, so the researcher needs a piece of proper knowledge to conduct research. 50% of the researcher is away from knowledge.

  1. Skills

How to select population and sample, how to conduct analysis and how to write a discussion on the result. These are main skills required for research but unfortunately mostly research not have complete skill.

  1. Result presentation

When the purpose is not clear and not specific knowledge and skills then result from presentation also a big problem. In this case, this research is only peace of paper, not anything else.


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