Fashion is an art and you are an artist

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Fashion is an art and you are an artist

Hello peeps…RIDZZY here… hope so you all are fine…NOW as you all know EID is on the way so I thought why I don’t write an article something about fashion and I think it helps you to make yourself stylish. So, it’s time to understand what is fashion and how can we look trendy.

Fashion is an art and you are an artist. Polish your art.


A popular or the latest style of clothing hair, decoration, or behavior. Fashion not just depends on clothes and our way of dressing it’s all about our attitude and behave how we behave with peoples and how we behave with nature and our environment. Our eating style and our different food taste are also included in fashion for example our diet plans. It’s all depends upon in which society we are living. To grow your self with trend and new look it’s fashion.

Types of fashion:

·         Vintage fashion style

·         Artsy fashion style

·         Chic fashion style

·         Casual fashion style

1.Vintage fashion style:

Clothing which is all about old classy looks. Wearing old fashioned clothes is included in this type of fashion for example capris, skirts, jeans, and crop shirts are included.

2.Artsy fashion style:

Artsy is a fashion style for a creative thinker. The arty people who wear artsy clothes they show their art themes. People with an artsy design prefer handcrafted items and actually they create their own clothing.

3.Chic fashion style:

CHIC meaning stylish or smart. CHIC is originally a French word. Chic is the fashion when something is stylish when something cool and trendy. Chic the one-word signifier’s choice.

4.Casual fashion style:

Casual meaning simple or fair. This is the type of fashion in which specific types of clothes are not included. The clothes which are simple and easy to wear are included in casuals.

NOW, the question arises that which fashion is on-trend. The name of trendy styles are given below:

·         street wears (jeans and tops)

·         shirts with pajama’s

·         Handcraft shirts

·         Girly styles

·         Long skirts

These trends are on the peak nowadays. Oh yes, I forget to tell you something about color combinations.SO, now its time to discuss which color suits you. There so many colors as you guys know. But some colors do not suit you. If your skin color is dark then you have to wear some light color like white, yellow, sky blue, lemon color, etc. On the other hand, if your color is fair then you have to wear dark clothes it suits you. But there are no restrictions over colors everyone can wear all colors but am telling you the things which suit you. Some color combinations are given below:

·         Blue and pink

·         Black and red

·         Peach and brown

·         Purple and yellow

·         Creamy and red

·         Orange and dark blue

·         Royal blue and white

By using these color you can make your dress more trendy.SO without wasting any time go and start your EID shopping. Thank you for reading my blog. Hope so you enjoyed this. Stay happy and blessed.


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