Exploring Construct Validity of Resilience Scale in Pakistani Youth Preston University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Posted on October 17, 2017 / 334


Resilience refers as the promotion of positive adaptation under stress and eventually thrive from adversity. The current study aimed to explore construct validity of Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (Urdu version) (Connor & Davidson, 1993) in young adults of Pakistan. For the purpose data was collected from Army selection centre Rawalpindi. Sample of 620 young male adults (18-22 years) were included from Rawalpindi and Islamabad (capital city of Pakistan). SPSS software (version-20) was applied for data analysis. Descriptive statistics was computed followed by Skewness of the scale (skew = -.69) indicated normal distribution of data. Reliability analysis revealed that scale has high alpha reliability (i.e., .87) and therefore the instrument gives consistent results. Item total correlation was conducted to see the construct validity of the scale (i.e., p < .05; 95% CI). The positive correlation between Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale with its subscales indicated convergent validity of the scale. However, the negative correlation between Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale with Stress Appraisal Measure indicated divergent validity of the scale. It can be concluded that Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale was a reliable and valid instrument among young adults of Pakistan.

KEYWORDS: Resilience, Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale, Stress Appraisal Measure, Descriptive, Reliability, Construct Validity


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Listing Type : Article
Location : Islamabad
Researcher Name : Ghulam Murtaza , Dr. Sarwat Sultan, Dr. Firoza Ahmed , Ghulam Mustafa
Researcher Email : knmurtaza@gmail.com
Institution : Preston University Islamabad
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