Emotional Empathy Scale (Urdu)

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Emotional Empathy Scale (Shazia Ashraf, Urdu)

The Emotional Empathy Scale, developed by Ashraf (2004), was used for the assessment of the trait of emotional empathy in adolescents. It is a 26-item self-report measure of the tendency to experience vicariously the (positive and negative emotional experiences of others. It measures individual differences in the trait of emotional empathy. The theoretical model of emotional empathy proposed by Mehrabian (1996) was used as a basis for the development of the EES. Respondents use a 7-point scale, on which “1” represents “strong disagreement” and “7” represents “strong agreement” to indicate the extent to which each item described them. To reduce response bias, 17 items were worded positively, and 9 items were worded negatively. The EES is intended for use with adolescents and the general adult population. The norms for the Emotional Empathy Scale are as follows: Mean = 143; Standard Deviation = 20.

Emotional Empathy Scale is a multidimensional measure of the trait of emotional empathy. Factor analysis revealed three factors, which collectively explained 42.7% of the total variance. The three subscales are (a) Tendency to be moved by others’ positive and negative emotional experiences, (b) Emotional responsiveness, and (c) Susceptibility to emotional contagion. The alpha coefficient for EES is .85 and the split-half reliability coefficient is .82. Evidence for the convergent validity of the EES has been demonstrated through its significant positive correlation with the Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale (BEES, Mehrabian, 1996), r = .65, p<.000. Discriminant–related validity studies showed that emotional empathy was positively related to affiliative tendency (r = .48, p< .000), and trait emotional awareness (r = .41, p<.000), and negatively related with delinquency (r = -.28, p< .001).

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