Emotion Regulation: Conceptual and Clinical Issues (Ivan Nyklíček) Tilburg University, Warandelaan, Tilburg, Netherlands
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An increasing number of studies have been conducted on the role of expression and regulation of emotion in health. Emotion Regulation addresses the question of these studies from diverse angles while encompassing conceptual, developmental, and clinical issues. Central concepts discussed in this volume that are related to health include: coping styles and aggression, alexithymia, emotional intelligence, emotional expression and depression, emotional expression and anxiety disorders, in addition to the emotional competence in children. The book is unique in describing up-to-date theories and empirical research in the area of emotional expression and health.


“This book represents the key contributions of a conference on emotions, emotion regulation and health research held at Tilburg University in 2003. … it is mainly directed at researchers, clinicians, and graduate students coming from such diverse fields as psychiatry, psychosomatics, behavioral medicine, health psychology, clinical psychology, and medical psychology, who have already considerable insight into the subject matter. Yet, it is written in such a way that it is understandable by everyone.” (Marion Ledwig, Metapsychology Online Reviews, Vol. 12 (18), 2008)

“This book arose from a series of conferences and is intended to summarize key contributions to the emotion regulation literature. It includes information from fundamental and basic science, as well as clinical contributions to run the gamut of important topics. There is a broad audience for this book, including psychologists, psychiatrists, developmental researchers, and neuroscientists. A large international cast of well known researchers in clinical and basic emotion research contributes.” (Christopher J. Graver, Doody’s Review Service, August, 2008)

“Editor Vingerhoets … and his co-editors have compiled a series of essays on emotion regulation intended for professionals working in the fields of psychiatry, psychosomatics, behavioral medicine, health psychology, and related fields. … The 15 chapters conclude with extensive reference listings.” (SciTech Book News, June, 2008)

About the Author

Dr. Denollet is Professor of Medical Psychology, Dr. Nyklicek is Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Vinghoets is Professor of Clinical Health Psychology. All three work at the Department of Psychology and Health at Tilburg University, in Tilburg, Netherlands.

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Author : Ivan Nyklíček (Editor), Ad Vingerhoets (Editor), Marcel Zeelenberg (Editor)
ISBN : 978-0387299853
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