Educational Psychology Course PSY406

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Educational Psychology

Course Code PSY406


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PSY101, PSY405


Mr. Humair Hashmi
M.Sc Psychology
Government College University, Lahore

Course Content

Introduction, Methods of educational psychology, Systems and schools of psychology & their bearing on education, Cognitive development, Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Individual Differences, Habit formation, Psychology of Motivation, Attention, Nature & theories of learning, Transfer of learning or training, Memory, Intelligence, Creativity, Thinking reasoning & problem solving, Aptitude, Personality, Learning disabilities & learning disabled children, Creating learning environments, Teaching for academic learning, Educating exceptional children, Standardized testing, Classroom assessment and grading, Psychology of adjustment.


Course Synopsis

Educational Psychology provides a thorough grounding for students with little or no previous knowledge of this relatively new area of psychology. This course aimed at introducing the students with the fundamentals of educational psychology. Topics include knowledge about the historical context of educational psychology, major issues and controversies related to the educational system, classroom management and different concepts and theories related to education. Research methods in this field will also be introduced.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the role of systems and schools of psychology and their bearing on education.
  • Describe the interplay between biological, social and cognitive factors in shaping the behavior of students.
  • Assess and define the behavior of gifted children.
  • Recognize individual differences and habit formation.
  • Comprehend the learning disabilities of children and figure out the ways to deal with them.
  • Know how environmental factors affect the teaching-learning process.
  • To develop an appreciation of effective teaching.
  • Educate the exceptional children.
  • Analyze individual differences in acquiring, applying and analyzing the learned materials.
  • Categorize the students according to their cognitive needs and the right time of delivering particular information.

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PSY406 – Educational Psychology


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