Drug Addiction Questionnaire (Urdu)

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Drug Addiction Questionnaire (Urdu)

In all countries, the illegal drug economy plays a prominent role in national decisions made. Fortunately, cost-effective measures targeting drug abuse treatment are available. This fact increases the motivation to conduct studies in order to improve interventions compatible with cultural issues. Various countries have taken measures at society level to change the knowledge and attitude of the society toward illegal drugs. These interventions aimed to prevent illegal drug abuse. Usually, the focus of these interventions was teenagers and the youth, as these age groups are at more risk of drug abuse due to less information regarding this problem. On the whole, drug abuse is the result of the interaction between the person, abused drug, and the environment. Knowledge and attitude toward this problem and its effects, easy access to such drugs, and the nature of the abused drug are among other effective factors.

Drug abuse, as a psychological-social-biologic issue, in adolescents is one of the most critical issues for countries nowadays. This problem involves new chemical drugs (e.g. crack and ecstasy) besides traditional ones (e.g. opium and marijuana). In Iran, even though there is no official report about drug abuse, clinical observations in drug addiction consultation centers and medical centers for drug addiction rehabilitation show that addiction to new psychoactive drugs in adolescents has a high prevalence. Nowadays, instead of the traditional single-factor approach to the etiology of drug abuse, multifactorial and interactive causal approaches are considered as the etiology of drug abuse. The latter factors assess related factors to drug abuse. The result of these evaluations is identifying a complex of risk factors as well as protective factors which, respectively, increase and decrease the likelihood of drug abuse. Studies in Iran have demonstrated that the mean age of cigarette smoking for the first time is in adolescence. Likewise, such a situation has been reported from the US and China.


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