Counter Productive Work Behavior

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Counter Productive Work Behavior

A counterproductive work behavior, or CWB, is any employee behavior that undermines the goals and interests of a business. Counterproductive work behaviors come in many different forms but can include tardiness, theft, fraud, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, absenteeism, substance abuse, workplace aggression, or sabotage. These types of behavior not only impact the quality of work produced by the employee engaging in CWBs but also can negatively affect the productivity of other employees in the company and create undesirable risks for the employer.

In general, employers should seek to hire individuals who are less likely to engage in any counterproductive work behaviors, and some pre-employment tests can help assess the likelihood that an individual is more prone to CWBs. Specifically, behavioral tests and integrity/honesty tests can help employers mitigate risk related to CWBs by measuring conscientiousness, rule adherence, attitudes towards theft, and overall reliability.

CWB measure developed by Bennett & Robinson (2002) used for Counter-Productive Behavior. The internal consistency reliability estimate (Cronbach’s alpha) was 0.808. It has eleven items. Five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5 (l = never and 5 always) used to measure the level of Counterproductive work Behavior. These types of responses had been scored through the numbers connected. These types of responses had been scored through the numbers connected.


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