An Introduction to the History of Psychology (B. R. Hergenhahn, 7th Edition) Hamline University, Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul, MN, United States
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Dreams puzzled early man, Greek philosophers spun elaborate theories to explain human memory and perception, Descartes postulated that the brain was filled with “animal spirits,” and psychology was officially deemed a “science” in the 19th century. In this Seventh Edition of AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY, authors Hergenhahn and Henley demonstrate that most of the concerns of contemporary psychologists are manifestations of themes that have been part of psychology for hundreds–or even thousands–of years. The book’s numerous photographs and pedagogical devices, along with its biographical material on key figures in psychology, engage readers and facilitate their understanding of each chapter. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections


1. Introduction. 2. Ancient Greece. 3. Rome and the Middle Ages. 4. Renaissance Science and Philosophy. 5. Empiricism, Sensationalism, and Positivism. 6. Rationalism. 7. Romanticism and Existentialism. 8. Physiology and Psychophysics. 9. Early Approaches to Psychology. 10. Evolution and Individual Differences. 11. American Psychology and Functionalism. 12. Behaviorism. 13. Neobehaviorism. 14. Gestalt Psychology. 15. Early Considerations of Mental Illness. 16. Psychoanalysis. 17. Humanistic (Third-Force) Psychology. 18. Psychobiology. 19. Cognitive Psychology. 20. Psychology Today. –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

About the Author

A former chair of Hamline’s psychology department at Hamline University, Dr. Hergenhahn has been awarded for excellence in teaching, has authored several widely adopted textbooks and numerous journal articles.

Tracy Henley earned his Psychology Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee, where he co-edited his first book, REFLECTIONS ON THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY: WILLIAM JAMES AFTER A CENTURY. He also co-authored THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE and CONNECTIONS IN THE HISTORY AND SYSTEMS OF PSYCHOLOGY; has written more than 75 publications in the areas of history, methods, psycholinguistics and social cognition; and has worked on numerous federal research grants. Dr. Henley spent 13 years on the faculty at Mississippi State University, teaching and conducting research in Philosophy and Psychology. In 2001, he spent his first sabbatical working for a computer games company, and still dabbles in game design. He accepted the position of Head of the Department of Psychology and Special Education at Texas A & M University-Commerce in 2003. He has also served as Director of Grants and Research for the College of Education and Human Services. He was elected President of the Southwestern Psychological Association in 2012.

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