Aggressive Motives Scale (Craig A. Anderson)

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Aggressive Motives Scale (Craig A. Anderson)

Following the RCRT task, participants answered a number of questions about the experiment, modelled on a questionnaire used by Bartholow and Anderson [2002]. Six items asked participants to ‘‘indicate the extent to which this motive describes your motive when deciding on where to set the noise levels.’’ Responses were on a 5–point unipolar scale anchored at 1 (not at all), 2 (a little bit), 3 (somewhat), 4 (quite a lot) and 5 (a lot). The 6 items were (a) I wanted to impair my opponent’s performance in order to win more; (b) I wanted to control my opponent’s level of responses; (c) I wanted to make my opponent mad; (d) I wanted to hurt my opponent; (e) I wanted to pay back my opponent for the noise levels he/she set; (f) I wanted to blast him/her harder than he/she blasted me. The first two items represent instrumental reasons for aggressing. They were positively correlated, r = .46, Po.001, and were combined to form an ‘‘Instrumental Motivation’’ index with a coefficient alpha of .63. The latter four items represent a revengeful type of aggressive motive, were highly correlated, and were combined to form a ‘‘Revenge Motivation’’ index with a coefficient alpha of .80. These results are similar to those reported by Bartholow and Anderson [2002]. The final questions probed for suspicion.

Craig A. Anderson, Department of Psychology, W112 Lagomarcino Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011–3180.



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