Admonish(scold) in front of others: A story of Jafferjee

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A mother first and then a grandmother, Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee speaks her heart out:

Never admonish(scold) your child in front of others. It hurts his pride and esteem. Jafferjee was a child whose mother always scolded him in front of others. As he grew up he started to rebel.
He would disobey and always do just the opposite of what was expected from him. Thank God, Jaffers mother realized at an early stage that she was doing wrong and amended(corrected) her ways, the way in which she dealt with him. A close associate of hers told her she was making a big mistake so Jaffer didn’t end up in taking sedatives to calm him down. His rebellion was nipped in the bud.

Now here is the story of how Jaffers mother helped her son correct the damage. Her neighbour who was a woman who believed in superstitions told her to take jaffer to a ‘pir ‘ but he was a man who was materialistic and didn’t have healing powers. Jaffers mother also asked her husband to take extra care in his nurturing like, for instance, she asked him to make extra sure he thanked Jaffer for every little help he gave. She on her part made sure Jaffer was dressed in clean and proper clothes and ate hearty meals. She even asked Jaffers siblings to take time out from their daily duties to spend with Jaffer. Jaffers mother was a devout Muslim and she asked Jaffer to say his prayers regularly. All this took Jaffer out of the dilemma he was in and he didn’t need psychiatric help after all.


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