Rasheed AKA BJ is from Nigeria. He came to Pakistan to pursue his higher education and currently he is doing BS in International Relations from International Islamic University,Islamabad. Apart from studies he is a professional Tattoo Artist.

When he was in his childhood and even boyhood people used to call him a loser and even he used to get bullied in his school on the basis of his color i.e.Racism. He said after going through all this negative stuff I started losing myself.

He said at that time I thought I am worthless so my life was all about hopelessness. He further added that he was about to commit suicide as for him the world was a cruel place to live on.

He said “I was suffering from the severe depression while finding myself caged i.e. No Way Out and a simple sentence that I said to myself after doing years of contemplation regarding life, just changed my life and that was Life is beautiful, So Enjoy!”.

He decided to live his life wholly with a new positive pattern of thinking without caring about others’ negative stuff instead he decided to focus on his talent and strength. Within no time he became the professional Tattoo Artist, started earning a handsome amount of money and from his college studies to till now he is paying his fee on his own while working as a professional Tattoo Artist.

He said to me “You love rapping(Rap) just keep your focus towards the right direction and don’t care about those who laugh at you; who wanted to break you down and soon you will get over them. I along with my friends will love to become part of your next rap video and I myself will do the video direction”

While concluding he said:


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