Let’s Talk About Sex: Crash Course Psychology #27

Let’s Talk About Sex: Crash Course Psychology #27

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Sex is complicated for different reasons in different cultures. But, it’s the entire purpose of life, so there’s no reason to blush. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Hormones, and even looks into the idea of why we have sex. There’s a lot to go through here.

Table of Contents:

Alfred Kinsey & Sex Surveys 0:00
Biological Sex & Gender Identity 2:01
Masters & Johnson 3:07
Sex Hormones 5:31
Physiological & Social Factors of Sex 7:11
Sexual Orientation 8:51
Why We Have Sex 10:17

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August 18, 2014 / 34 Comments / by / in
  • I still don't understand how gender identity can relate to a non-existent sex. I understand that we have males, females, and apparently intersex. I thought the only third option was hermaphrodite. Okay, cool. By this point I understand that a biological male can identify with a female, and vice-versa, and an intersex person can identify with either of them. But how does it work when gender identity doesn't necessarily relate to the existing sexes? I guess I don't really understand what exactly gender identity is, maybe? Anybody?

  • There are 2 genders. That is it.

  • I bet your a virgin lol

  • I read Vagina Johnson at first 😀

  • I kind of like that there are gay men.
    – Less rivals for me.
    – Less atention onto my interests(women) and my tactics for aquiring them.
    – Super theme for jokes including during conversation with girls. Even pretending you are gay somehow release the tension.
    – Women receive too much sexuall attention, more sexuall attention onto men is good for every gender.

    But I am also kind of jealous for lesbians.
    – They are still not much, but their number increases
    – Bisexual women are at least 25%(my observations), so less mates for me, more competition for women, and even more sexuall attention on women, which again, is bad for everyone.
    – But less attention onto heterosexuals sex tactics, still works.

  • There should be 4 fertile women to every man. This ratio will ensure gender equallity. Actually the Islam is the closest to sex equallity nowadays, because those feminists done the western world very bias to women.

  • All I hope that the comment section can talk about this maturely…that failed.

  • 3M views? You know people were clicking here to see some D!

  • Sex is not the entire purpose of life. Such toxic drivel. Sex will kill you don't go there unless you are desperate to end your freedom to become a parent, an unpaid life sentence.

  • "No man is worth that much of another man's time," my grandfather told him. 'I like fast results'."  (Patient H.M. : A Story of Memory, Madness, and Family Secrets by Luke Dittrich Ch 30 Pg 367)
    I wish I was a homosexual that understood how the world worked.  I wish I was allowed to understand and  grasp the idea of what a man is as a homosexual who has not had a sip of alcohol since January 9, 2016.  I wish I didn't have to relate to that drug induced world as a homosexual who last tried a street drug in the month of November of 2015.   I have already seen a doctor and/or therapist (multiple times and currently on weekly basis) for my issues with manly order and feminism, and I wish men that sleep with women and/or gay pride would accept something about something.
    "Trying to navigate separate worlds was a lonely charade that ended when this gay alcoholic finally landed in A.A." (Alcoholics Anonymous Pg 359)
    I wish I was allowed to understand the quality of a person I was once taught through the field of dance as a second generation trained dancer having a biological mother as a credentialed dance teacher from Grossmont Community College and San Diego State University as well as a having the opportunity to train at elite dance schools in Southern CA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York.  I wish I was allowed to recognize something that once taught to me from my stage experience as a professional dancer having once being a performer to the fairy tales with The California Ballet Company.  I wish I was allowed to recognize that I was once a dance partner to dancers like Miss San Diego 2004 as a homosexual. 
    "For example, he thought it was useless to operate on 'psychopaths genetically or constitutionally born without a sense of moral obligation to society, and totally lacking in feelings of guilt or sympathy toward their fellow creatures." (Patient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness, and Family Secrets by Luke Dittrich Ch 30 Pg 365)
    I don't know why I have to stay in that hospital dress mode as a homosexual that was groomed to understand my mind and my body from my experience with dance.  I don't know why it seems like the field of dance is just another useless hobby and/or child's play to those everyday law abiding citizens.  I don't know why I have to feel like my dance training didn't require any strength, courage, or wisdom.
    "Do not forgot to show hospitality to strangers." (Hebrews 13:2)
    I don't know why I have to feel disconnected from the idea of understanding customer service as a homosexual who grew up in dance schools and being a performer onstage.  I don't know why being a homosexual who does not love women enough to love the men they sleep with and/or to want to follow gay pride is considered something that is not valid if I understand something about customer service which was taught to me through the performing arts.
    "The world's most difficult word to translate has been identified as "ilunga," from the Tshiluba language spoken in south-eastern DR Congo….Ilunga means "a person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate a second time, but never the third time." -BBC News (Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths Ch 10 Pg 212)
    I don't know why I have to feel like I am not good enough to be a man because I am a homosexual that was never in boy scouts, never played sports like baseball, was never in the military, never was married, never had children,  and never practiced anal sex with the opposite sex.  I don't know why I have to feel held back from how the world works because of the imagination with sex, drugs, and, rock and roll.
    "The reason seems to be that it was the only organization that had experience with chaining, and the only one that had the technology (the FBI was sclerotic when it came to computers). (Cyber Spies: The Secret History of Surveillance, Hacking, and Digital Espionage by Gordon Corera Ch 16 Pg 313)
    I don't know why I have to feel like men that sleep with women and men that follow gay pride are empowering if I don't like their interpretation of feminism and/or what a female is.  I don't know why being "fun" to men is supposed to make me feel good as a homosexual if I hate the idea of one-night stands, bad role play, and phony competition.  I don't know why I have to feel like I have never been fathered because of stereotypes and labels  as a homosexual currently has a relationship with my biological father. 
    Isaiah 53:3 "He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem."
    I don't know why I have to feel like a feminist if I am a homosexual who once had experience with gay phone sex and gay sex acts online.  I don't know why if I say I am a homosexual that has to mean something inexperienced to the opposite sex.   I don't know why I have to stay in a juvenile point of view because of my sexual identity.  I don't know why I have I have to feel like I have to be labeled as a homosexual who has HIV and/or STD because of social status and with what I practiced.  I don't know why it seems like I am not smart enough to understand what a man is because I am a homosexual with only 42% of my bachelor's finished.
    "Even the chief architect, standing in the ruins of his dream, could laugh at himself-and that is the very acme of humility." (12 Steps and 12 Traditions Tradition 4 Pg 149)
    I wish I was allowed to recognize my flow as a homosexual who once was tone deaf and learned rhythm in dance school.

  • Hank! What about the psychological effects with your partner when you have sex? Like other animals, do we not attach to our mates through physiology as well as psychology? Let me know if I'm on a good train of thought, thanks!

  • A sex study by Masters and Johnson … if you can interchange your sex study name as a potential porn title, you're probably on the right track.

  • the sperm has glasses! how cute!

  • good video but l do believe that some factors can influence sexual orientation.

  • But what about fetishes?

  • That was a good ANALysis

  • LOL female desire spikes 'slightly' during ovulation? Dude, I will hump my own couch during those few days.

  • this guy is a virgin

  • i am not atracted to humans meh

  • Wow, Did a good job ;P

  • I'm a smidgen upset, that yoy didn't mention demisexual. Also the difference of romantic orientation, and sexual orientation was never mentioned either.

  • My parents thought I was watching porn. :'v

  • Gradually getting use to your fast talking. I wonder how long the videos would be if you spoke at a normal pace.

  • I thought an actual fly was on my screen.

  • YAY! Someone finally mentioned asexuality!!

  • Homosexuality was tolerated in Greco-Roman civilization including the Native North and South Americans… Christianity came and demonized it


  • Hank said, gender identity and sex GENERALLY match in transgender people. Does that mean there are biological females out there who act and live as females, but still consider themselves transgender? Not hating, just honestly curious how that works.

  • 9:55 HAHAHAHA!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL!!! One of the big reasons why I'm straight is sure as hell because of my environment!

  • Off to watch Masters of Sex , I'll be back soon

  • You can't choose your sexual orientation. It's like choosing to like shoes. It doesn't work like that

  • This is how we should teach kids about sex


  • Steamy stuff

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