Lecture on Basic Psychological Processes

Lecture on Basic Psychological Processes

Lecture on Basic Psychological Processes by the Dept. of Psychology, Garden City College of Science and Management Studies, Bangalore



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  • This lecture is fantastic to understand. Basically I don't like to read books but I like to hear. This lecture becomes a feast to my ears. thanks

  • Iittle describ in hindi

  • Watching this video is great. the lecture is clear and easy to understand. I was once so interested to go to GCC, but unfortunately, couldn't. It's like my dreams shattered away not going to GCC. Please, post more videos on Psychology if possible. Thanks for the video.

  • ossume teaching…. really i like it

  • teaching style is awesome outstanding
    loved it

  • nice lecture

  • If I had this teacher, will go to class daily

  • thanks

  • the lecture is awesome can u Gve us contact please.Iam a student from university of daresalaam- Tanzania.real I like ure lecture…contact me Alphoncemtete@gmail.com. I will be happy to see u.

  • Where are another videos related psychology?

  • this videos is wonderful especially the method of your teaching is awesome thik u mam Gos bless u

  • thanks

  • Hey guys I'm very young and I hope I can get into psychology when I get into college! 😀

  • This beautiful lecture is so beautifully in psycho and mentally disorders..but I'm saying this is not suitable to this girl for this teaching only about what she is an ultimately girl and So Sexy …….

  • Fantastic leacture to undrstand the basic …..

  • Mam plzz complete leactures upload kr dain bcz am studnt of psychology and it iz an awm leacture perfect method of teaching

  • sir psychology b.a ka full video chahiye

  • Please make other video about • Contemporary perspectives

  • Awesome lecture Suki

  • awesome👌 i want to learn chaptr by chapter
    you are the best

  • mam next video kyo nhi bana rhi ho

  • Mam how to gate full video in BA part 1

  • If it took the mind to establish a science…basically the mind came before science.

  • plz upload more videos

  • super this r useful has

  • Best for me

  • It's very good

  • It is good for me. Good lecture.

  • Mam plz psycho ki ar video bnao

  • Mam aapki to had ho Gyi h itne baar bola h ki psycho par koi new video bnao..

  • love the way she speaks

  • I need next chapter also

  • very nice

  • its great lecture and good explanation on basic topic and great intrest to learn these things

  • Thanks mum

  • Wundt's first name is Wilhelm and not William please.

  • nyc amazing lecture mam,,bt mam i have a little doubt that psychology processes,,,includes sensation, perception, attention, learning, and memory na,,plzz clear me it,,plzz

  • Wow… Helps alot

  • Thanks a lot.
    Analyst Programmer.

  • I want do course in part time ist possible

  • If possible plz tel me. .wich instutes offering dis course

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