Language: Crash Course Psychology #16

Language: Crash Course Psychology #16

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You know what’s amazing? That we can talk to people, they can make meaning out of it, and then talk back to us. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks to us and tries to make meaning out of how our brains do this thing called Language. Plus, monkeys!

Table of Contents

Phonemes, Morphemes, Grammar 01:48:13
Receptive and Productive Language 03:22:06
Babbling 03:55:22
How We Acquire Language 05:50:22

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May 26, 2014 / 46 Comments / by / in
  • is there any nice having heart who can learn me English ??

  • After he pointed out that he moves his hands a lot, I couldn't stop looking at his hands. I do that a lot too, though.

  • Hank I'm a spanish speaker, your pronunciation was very good, I thought that you were going to make a mistake, but you didn't excellent. 😀

  • Good god man, take more breaths while you talk! I feel short of breath just listening to you trying to cram too many words in.

  • Who else looked up Kanzi on google? LOL ! Crash Course makes learning anything enjoyable, so happy I found this channel 🙂

  • Are we really alone? I can't think any meaning of the question allows for an answer

  • (6:27) Ha It would pretty interesting if they talked about him in Crash Course history. He's far more famous as a political commentator and activist than a linguist.

  • I think I will practice my Spanish by speaking like a two year old. I know many verbs and nouns and maybe that practice will actually turn into better communication skills. Use it like I am a baby.

  • pausing the video and went to google to search up kanzi, and damn, boy oh boy, it is mind blown.
    search it up guys, seriously, your mind will be blown away to the edge of the cosmos.

  • One thing I've always wondered is: do infants recognize different languages? It's something I've wondered for the fact that I myself tend to use multiple languages at once because I tend to use whatever language comes to mind first, even though I know how to express my thoughts fully by solely using one language. Because of this, I've always wondered how this would impact my future children, if I ever have any.
    This might be a stupid thing to wonder, since I grew up hearing at least two different languages every day, and it didn't affect my ability to recognize when my parents were using one language and when they were using another. Maybe a better way to put this question would be: HOW do infants recognize different languages?

  • Daniel Everett disproved Chomsky's theory of universal grammar through his findings with the Piraha.

  • What determans us from animals is that we are able to ask what distinguishes us from the animals

  • I've been watching the psychology crash course over the past months but like slowly and I had an essay on this exact topic like 2 weeks ago and i wish i would've watched this episode

  • Praise be to Lord Hanuman.

  • I thought you did a wonderful job with the video, but I felt like there was enough information left out that could make up another video. For instance, discussing the language of thought hypothesis, symbol grounding problem and the discussion about neural networks vs the physical symbol system hypothesis. Some these topics are moving into the territory of what does it truly mean to be intelligent but most of this research has been discussed through the lens of language production and acquisition. Just some food for thought. Keep up the crash course videos, I love how they inspire curiosity in me about other subjects that are beyond the scope of my major.


  • peep that Augustus Waters around 2:18 lol

  • Make a Crash Course Linguistics!

  • Wasn't there a medieval experiment where they prevented a bunch of kids from learning any language just to see if they would speak the language of God or the first human language ever? I never learned what the results of this experiment were. Sadly, it's probably unethical to redo the experiment. I'm still curious, though.

  • 5:55 skinnamarinky dinky doo

  • I often wonder how this affects people who speak more than one language.

  • It is so unnecessary for you to talk like that. It actually becomes harder to focus on the substance of the video when your delivery is so frenetic. Just take a breather, calm down, stop with the lame jokes and your videos may actually become easier to digest.

  • noam chomsky niño aprende lenguaje por aprendizaje innato vs skinner q dice q es por recompensa

  • 2:35 i thought he was gonna say atkinson shifron model xD hahha

  • I am groot

  • 4:12 Actually , I could tell.

  • Indeed what comes first… Thinking or language?

  • 2:52 Not using the IPA? Heresy!

  • As a native English speaker, I love the language of English. I'm currently learning French and hearing it is tough

  • is this what i can relate with perceptual language development @crashcourse.?

  • can this theory be applied for infants,by using three or more for development in more languages..?

  • I have a nephew, speaking native Danish, but his mother tongue is indian and he currently shifted to Arab learning Arabic. this took place in period from infancy-danish, early childhood-arabic and all these years he was with his mother. he still never speaks his mother tongue. he mixes and jumbles the words formation. what shall I relate, as a B.F Skinner's behaviourist theory or Chomsky's nativist theory or its integrationist theory.? confused. kindly help learning.

  • It was two pizza, I called purple brother on the television.

  • too basic

  • In which language deaf people think in?

  • Isn't "ch" technically two phonemes? ("ch"="t"+"sh")

  • Full of knowledge and v entertaining.

  • No IPA : (

  • im going to learn Japanese!and ASL!And JSL!(American sign language and Japanese sign language)I wish ASL was taught in schools…

  • i could read and speak in full sentences at the age of 2


  • "d-dd-death, destruction, domination''

  • Are memes a language?

  • Actually I don't think saying that phonemes are a linguistic universal is accurate since sign languages don't have phonemes.

  • Man this guy is everywhere! I see him on crash course and I believe Sci show and some other yotube channel that I forgot, Is his name Hank right?

  • Maybe this video will explain why my 2 ye old sister started saying "peanut butter jelly time" last night.

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